Cristiano Ronaldo

Does he want to win the league in as many different countries as he can haha

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Just Germany and France left, and they’re the easy ones.


Probably wants that champions league win at a third different club and you gotta say PSG might just be the better bet at this moment in time.

Him, neymar and mbappe :fire:


Very much image motivational move now in a Beckham kind of way.
Probably the best way too finish his career and manage his fitness levels.


That forward line would be ridiculous but there’s only one ball, right? I can’t imagine Neymar would be happy having a total egomaniac like Ronaldo show up.


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Sinking ships is not his thing so he should bail asap. Go win the league somewhere else, get a decent if not better shot at more CLs, more positive football, easy to score goals, no pressure first half of the season etc.

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Where exactly is he going to go and win a meaningful league elsewhere?

Doubt he leaves and if he does have the mind to it will not be an easy divorce whatsoever, Juve hold the cards here.

He isn’t going anywhere.

He’s won all the meaningful leagues. He has nothing left to prove.

Now it’s a case of becoming the first person to win the big 5 leagues.


what do you mean meaningful league? It’s the rumour in the topic, PSG. He’s already won the league 2-3 times in the major three leagues in Europe. He is probably just stacking trophies nowadays because he is obsessed and I absolutely adore it and enjoy watching it unfold


Ahahahaha PSG?

They aren’t signing Ronaldo, Juve saved his ass. No one is picking up those wages and cost of transfer.

I remember people saying the same thing about them buying Neymar.

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Totally different cases.

yes PSG that is the rumour in the OP of the thread, and I said should, so joke’s on you :slight_smile:

Not really since it’s a shitty rumour

thank you for your contribution, looking forward to your next post.

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He’s gotta stay at Juev tbh. They signed him to win th cl and I doubt he’ll leave before then. There is fuck all Avenue is stocking up on pointless league titles

How come?
He has won multiple CL trophies. Winning French, German and Portuguese title before he retires would be dream stuff