Cristiano Ronaldo

At the expense of the collective

Refutes the claim that he’s finished if he’s amongst the top scorers in the World’s best league.

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I mean he had a stinker of a second season, a stinker of a World Cup and now he’s off to the Saudi league mate so…

Not to mention there were several complaints about his performances and questions as to whether he should be dropped at United in his first season back despite the goals.

You may not think he’s finished but there’s nothing to support your opinion whereas I can draw on the last half season of stinking the joint out and a disjointed 12 months prior to that…

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Fair to say he isn’t what he was but I won’t subscribe to him not going to the Bundesliga, Serie A or Ligue 1 and not scoring for fun.

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He is finished. Last year ok he scored some goals, but as @Flexo pointed out it was at the expense of the collective and look where that got his team? In absolute shambles.

Fact this season is he is stinking up the place anywhere he goes. United, Portugal at the WC and going by that compilation at Al Nasr, it looks embarrassing too.

No serious club in any European league wanted to ti in this football player with a 10 feet pole. For good reason.

Guy is simply officially finished. No shame in that, he is 38. The sooner he understands this the better. Now he is just a parody and embarrassing himself.

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His salary being 500k a week allegedly at United was probably more of a factor as to why interest wasn’t high.

It just seems an easy narrative. One of the all time greats has six bad months and there s a notion that means he’s finished.

We’ll he is now because he’s not going to get a Balon nomination in Saudi is he?

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Oh my word, I made the mistake of checking out the ongoing Al-Nassr match.
Couldn’t believe what I was watching.
I saw the Riyadh All Star v PSG match a week or so ago and thought that was an exciting match but if this is the level of Saudi league then I’ve got bad news for all the networks that got the rights to their matches. :rofl:

Proper dog shite level. I’ve watched league football from teams in the lower echelon of the Top 30 European leagues that’s lightyears ahead.
Whatever it is they’re playing, it’s not football. :wastebasket:

Man’s already retired.
2002-2022. :dove:

3 games in the Saudi Arabian league, 0 goals :joy:

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But but but… he would still cut it in the Bundesliga or Ligue 1 according to some on here :facepalm:

But but but Messi went to Ligue Un to statpad against French farmers.

Unless he really wants to improve his tan I’ve no idea why this would be deemed better than United’s bench.

Why is this in the Cross Bar :joy:


Was actually 1 in 3 and now it’s 5 in 4.

To come out with that interview, talk about how so many clubs still want him, how he still wanted to play at the top most level, and then end up in Saudi Arabia is just pathetic. There is nothing wrong with him wanting a last big pay day, he deserves it, but why talk all that nonsense, big himself up and then go to the desert.

Anyway, what he does or doesn’t do in Saudi Arabia doesn’t matter really. He’s pretty much irrelevant now, even if the media would like to keep him relevant.

Could have handled this so much better if only he could live with not being the main man.

6 more months, keep your mouth shut, get United in the top 4 and solidify your legend status.
The ego that made him the best, tarnished his United legacy.


G. O. A. T.

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His status in the eyes of United fans must have taken a dent after that interview, and especially given how they have been playing since his departure. Really screwed up his legacy there.

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Thank you for the correction and congratulations on the positive developments since then.

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Massive dent. Fanbase was already split based on narrative if he affects the team play or not. Post that interview, Ronaldo would be left with the most obtuse of fans like Roy Keane to support him.

This is one of the best self sabotage work.

If he doesn’t retire from the national team, he will tarnish his Portugal legacy as well.

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Exactly my thoughts. He could have had a great last few years of his career in the club where he first made a name, maybe help them win something significant (which they might with Ten Hag), and mentor some of the youngsters. Basically, just cement his legacy with United but he went and did the opposite.

Who knows, he’ll probably go down as a legend for Al-Nassr :arteta:

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