Cristiano Ronaldo

I truly don’t understand where he’s going to go if his concern is chasing some meaningless UCL goal record.

If he’s interested in securing the bag, there are tons of options. He can go to KSA or Qatar or China and get paid insane amounts of money. I know MLS is often mooted as a destination but I just don’t think MLS owners can pay him what a Saudi team can offer and there’s the additional wrinkle of MLS teams traveling to play in some pretty shitty weather conditions. Ronaldo didn’t force United’s hand just so he can sign for Miami and then go run around a frozen New England pitch in April.


There’s a rumour going around and Simon Jordan also mentioned he heard it within his circle too that Newcastle may emerge as potential suitors.
Essentially, he’ll go to Newcastle for a year or two and then head to Saudi in their attempt to get the WC 2030 there.

Seen people rubbish the rumour saying Eddie Howe wouldn’t want him but this would be a marketing move than anything and frankly he will not have much say in it.

Well we know what MbS does to people who disagree with him. Eddie is free to have his own opinions but better keep a wide berth from any embassies in Istanbul.


Look at Partey’s reaction:

Incredible tbh



It’s such an overblown achievement and nothing special when you realise he’s managed a measly 7-8 goals across 5 World Cups lol.

His record, much like his peer Messi, is actually diabolical.

His record;

1 goal in 2006 vs. Iran (penalty)
1 goal in 2010 vs. North Korea
1 goal in 2014 vs. Ghana
4 goals in 2018 vs. Spain and Morocco. One penalty, one mistake from DDG
1 goal in 2022 vs. Ghana in the form of a penalty

So he’s got 8 goals in 18 games. 3 penalties. 1 massive goalkeeping error.

7-8 goals is basically golden boot winning numbers for someone in the past yet him and Messi have only managed that across a huge number of WCs.


Always pisses me off when a penalty is used as justification for greatness or scoring records. WHO ELSE BUT HIM? Like he popped up with some genius out of nowhere, rather than went over easily and converted a penalty.


Aye this factual overview will sting for the Ronnie fanbois :arteta:

Cristiano Ronaldo is the first player ever to score in FIVE different men’s World Cups

Has he played in any other? :grinning:

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Marta did this already as a woman, hence the distinction.


I get that, but as they mentioned Ronaldo by name, I thought it strange to mention it’s the mens WC.

Cristiano Ronaldo the first player to score in 5 different world cups - not true

Cristiano Ronaldo the first player to score in 5 different mens world cups - true

Does sound a bit pointless but makes it accurate :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, basically just acknowledging that women’s football does exist. Nothing wrong with conferring the minimum amount of legitimacy to the women’s game.


Lmao, Ronaldo went behind your back to tell the coach to drop you brother. You should be the last man defending him.

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The actual quote

“I’ve played with Cristiano Ronaldo for the last couple of years and he’s one of the greatest players to ever kick a football.”

An important distinction to make

What is CR7 getting criticised for?

that is important to specify. It’s mostly for refusing to come on as a sub and then for doing a 90 min interview where he trashes your bleeding club… :person_shrugging:


Should’ve all been solved in the summer, not sure what the issue was or what options he had to leave but a solution should’ve been found.

They knew he wasn’t gonna fit the ETH style of play, probably kept him for the shirt sales.

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$225m? I’d eat my own shit for that kind of money