Cost of living

Actually my question was meant to mean how far does she need to travel? I think :thinking:

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Well depends what you class as central London. We don’t know where she lives. But £120 a month on travel is less than a monthly zone 1 travel card, so she’s already cutting a costs a bit.

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How much does a weekly zone 1 travel card cost these days?


My interest only mortgage is about the same as that, too.



And Katy can’t ever boast pouring fresh orange juice all over a bunch of pre-recorded James Bond movies on VHS


Her rent wouldn’t pay for a room in central London. I’d guess she lives at least a 30/40 minute commute away. I earn a lot more than her and only manage to save a couple hundred a month if I’m lucky; often nothing gets saved. True I’m pretty frivolous with my money, but I don’t have kids to feed. If I separated from my wife and decided to live alone, even as a teacher, I think I would have no choice but to leave London.

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Been recalled by the select Committee as our Simon on evasive answers.
:zipper_mouth_face: Oh dear.


STRIKE!!! :grinning::grinning:

Seriously, teacher’s pay has real terms declined over multiple decades and in this year particularly we are taking a huge hit in real terms. Time the profession stood up for itself.


Ridiculous pressure put on teachers and the amount of work they take home is appalling. Stupid chopping and changing of targets on whims must be unimaginable at times. All the time trying to look out for the wellbeing of kids. The last part getting harder in today’s society and struggling for time to help.


I got very close to the end of completing a PGCE before deciding that I just didn’t need the agg, and that I’d be a far happier person, and a better person to be around for my loved ones, if I did something else entirely. The amount of work all the teachers I came across were doing outside of working hours, and by that I mean after 5, not 3.15 or whenever the fuck the kids were packed off home, was crazy. And when I spoke to teachers who had been in the role for several years this didnt seem to relent at all.

I ended up not completing the course and going and getting a 9 to 5 office job, because its far fucking easier than being a teacher. People who go on about teaching being cushy, having loads of holiday etc honestly don’t have the first fucking clue about the job.

I might shock some of you here, but I’m in full support of the strikers on this occasion.


Fucking sickening.

Good good yes.

We have all had it so had we need to finally fight back ffs.

Full solidarity with teachers.

See these Tory gammon morons, wish they’d get their way when they say, ‘you don’t like it, fack off!’

All the public sector workers leave the country, leaving the gammons taking their kids to Canary Wharf for lessons in money laundering, take their gran to Westminster to be cared for, and call in Dido Harding if they get ill. See how well they get on.


There are still people who’ll defend this though mate. And the government will still sit back and not act appropriately to tackle the unnecessary price hikes.


Putin the bogeyman go too excuse incoming.


Beyond a joke at this point, these companies are as subtle as a kick to the face from khabib.

Fucking hell that’s even more profits than Tesla. What genius is running these guys?