Cost of living

Makes the point really well that some people don’t use food banks. A real triumph of political thinking as usual from Lee.


Stupid cunt Lee Anderson

Also I got a job in London recently but I had to decline because I couldn’t afford the rent in any flat.

Katy wouldn’t be so comfortable if she had dependents and other financial commitments. Mum and Dad probably helping. In any case shouldn’t speculate too much on her, he’s a cunt for putting her in the spotlight like that.

£700 pm for a fucking room. Pathetic. I paid half that in Glasgow

£775 pm? She’s living in a fucking wardrobe


Don’t have kids. Don’t get a mortgage. Don’t get a car.

And you too can go on holiday, and not need to use a foodbank.

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Some of the responses epitomizes the age we live in. A age of narcissism and lack of personal responsibility. Like I said she can make it work for her on 30k people on 25k less make work for them. At the end of the day you are responsible for your financies. It’s unfortunate that inflation has fuck some home owners but this is the consequence of locking the country up for two years printing money out of thin air which leads to the a devalued currency. If you can’t restructure your life and spending to cope with the cost of living then that’s down to you


With just standing room, sleeps hanging herself up in a sleeping bag.


The government is responsible for printing money like that.

They should take responsibility and not pass it to the public.

And those who worked keeping the country going while the rest got free money doing fuck all should not be told to be better with their money when they stand up for what they’re worth.

But you’re right to a certain extent.

If those that can’t live in this country under these conditions, then they should change something.

Many are. They’re leaving. Majority of which are taxpayers.

Massive brain drain incoming to the UK. Hope Tories are ok with that. Just the bankers and money launderers left.

That’s kind of where I’m at with it.

Things cost more, I’m single, I managed to buy my first place at the age of 37 right in the middle of covid, no help from anyone else apart from my own hard work. I’ve had to prioritise my shit. I don’t have the brand new car on lease, my car is 13 years old and more than functional for what I need, I budget and don’t spend more than I can afford on things I don’t need yet I still somehow manage to get away once or twice a year again, no need for 5 star all inclusive holidays. I eat out once a month somewhere decent as opposed to multiple times in shit/low quality places and I don’t eat takeaway any big purchases I think about long and hard as opposed to being impulsive and then regretful after.

In the current climate where interest rates are high on all borrowing and banks are keen to chuck money at anyone willing to take it at the rates being offered, I avoid borrowing like the plague, it’s a case of not living beyond your means and keeping on top of your expenditure.


I’m on the fence with that. The rest didn’t get free money as it’ll be paid back for years via taxes and whatever other system they can conjure up. Also, most people in the furlough situation had no choice especially in certain professions like the leisure and hospitality industry that where decimated overnight not only by covid but by brexit and one of the last to be allowed to operate again.
If we’re throwing things like this about, I think you should be targeting the cunts that had government help through their limited companies and then shut them down, not the people who had no say in the situation.


Tbf you’re right I have less beef with other people my point was more to engage ryaninho on his own point.

The government and their mates are who are to blame. They Rob us and then make off with the profits and preach to us about fiscal responsibility.

Fuck off. Away to the labour camp with you already

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The North is truly neglected lol


Throw in Northern Ireland as well. People in these places would see 30k jobs as a fucking lottery win.
Vast majority of these youngsters won’t get the chance of an education to dream of being in a position for these type of jobs.


Anybody who wanted to give Rishi the benefit of the doubt should have remembered how he gloated to people about taking money out of deprived areas and putting it into wealthier areas.

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Those deprived areas should manage their money better :slight_smile:


Assuming Katy is on just under 30k, her take home pay including student loan deduction is about £1,900 per month.

She rents at 775 p/m for a room. Most rental arrangements for rooms include some bills and internet so let’s say for arguments sake she’s all in for 775. In the current climate and with London rents as they are that’s a pretty big assumption though.

She has 120 p/m for commuting, and obviously needs to eat. Before the pandemic a debt charity like stepchange estimated about 200-250 was enough for a single adult to eat for a month, so allowing for inflation let’s say she’s a bit over that and say 275 for food.

Probably fair to assume she has a phone contract and whatever else she likes to have for entertainment like Netflix etc. She also saves to go on holiday.

So yeah, Katy’s doing ok because she is probably looking at a few hundred quid of disposable income even in this inflation crisis. However, there are people trying to support families on what Katy earns. If Katy owned a house and was told her mortgage was going up a few hundred quid a month because of Liz Truss’ mini budget disaster Katy would be in the shit.

If she needed a car because she had a disability to manage or she had to commute further, Katy would currently be very relieved to see petrol prices coming down and praying they stayed there.

Economies have to work for everyone. Not just for people with nice graduate jobs working for MPs.


Why she spending that amount on commuting anyway if she lives in Central London? She works for an mp, the houses of Parliament are in fucking Central London

Transport for London services aren’t free

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Walking and having a bicycle is, unless central London has become much bigger when I was last there

Lazy cow. She should run to work and save money.