I think not closing the airports and the borders was a MASSIVE mistake by Boris.

Absolute madness that you still had flights from Wuhan coming into Heathrow in well into May 2020.

I always wonder how Theresa May would have handled the pandemic as PM, I think she would have done a much better job.


He wasn’t even attending the Cobra meetings.


Not true if you actually read the full discussion, they admit the way it’s measured has its flaws; the fact feelings can change drastically from moment to moment.

Isolation period over ,done my 5 days and for good measure I took my final LFT to make sure and its negative also :grin::grin::grin:

Thank fuck thats over with. What a boring week I have had! :joy:


Do you still have to isolate in Scotland? Or did you just choose to?

Advised to isolate for 5 days.

I wouldn’t feel ok walking about positive haha specially when I can wfh

Truth be told I didn’t even want to leave the house anyway as it made me quite tired when I had it and had no motivation to go out even for exercise :joy:


Do you mind me asking why you tested?
Was it just because of the symptoms?

Finally got it today lol was starting to feel a bit left out.

Symptoms aren’t too bad, little bit of a stuffy nose, bit of a headache and thats about it.


Seems everyone who managed to avoid it for 2 years is getting it now. Hopefully not bad for you fella.


You vacced?

Yeah bro fully vaxxed.

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How did you get it on an island of 7 people?

Also, have you got symptoms? Over here, no one seems to test unless they are ill

Yeah I have symptoms, thats why I tested lol I’m one of those people who doesnt test unless I have symptoms, this is only the third test I’ve ever done lol and the others were so I could go visit my grandad in the rest home.

Up until about 6-9 months ago it wasnt that common to have it here (due to isolated location and aforementioned 7 total residents) but we had a big explosion of cases and I missed out catching it then when everyone else I know did.

Yeah I’ve only ever tested 3 times and all 3 were due to work making me.

One of them happen right be positive. Been a good 5 months since I’ve taken a test now.

You never mentioned your work COVID rules. Tell us more.

Oh it’s just if anyone you worked with tested positive initially you’d have to isolate for 7 days.

I think now it’s if anyone you work with gets it you have to rapid test every day for 5 days prior to coming into work.

I was joking. But are you saying Australia still has rules like this?

Yeah in theory but thankfully not many can be fucked policing it anymore.

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That’s good. Though means you actually have to work now :sweat_smile: