Still seen comments on Facebook from people saying he’s doing his best blah blah blah. Infuriating.

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It always shocks me when the true character was there all along and plain to see yet somehow people who previously supported that person then turn around in outrage when the character continues true to type.

Johnson has always been a serial liar who’s been caught out and who runs his life chaotically.

Trump is another probably even bigger liar yet still appeals to over 40 percent of American voters.

As he’s behind in the polls now Tories will execute him but it’s not for any other reason than that. I’m guessing enough floating voters have now opened their eyes to him to trigger this but I was never under any illusion as to the reality of Johnson. He reminds me very much as a brighter version of one of my older brothers. These characters never change, just not capable of doing so or wanting to do so.

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When someone shows you who they are, you should believe them.

Well that’s a lie isn’t it. Head down and try to assess the damage over a long weekend without facing too much media.

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What’s with all of the contradictory news stories about COVID lately? One source will say COVID cases are down and another will say they’re up.

I’m up to day 4 now since the swab and good as gold.

Thankfully I wouldn’t know I had any infection if I wasn’t told otherwise.


We’ve reduced isolation from testing positive to 5 days now. Too late for Odegaard. But could be useful going forward.

It’ll help other teams probably vs us.

We seem to be getting covid in drips and drabs which is frustrating, you’d rather a bunch get games postponed then have a clean run.

Personally I’d advocate Odegaard to mix with the whole team ATM, get the spurs game postponed.


Does Djokovic fancy doing an exhibition at Colney.
Bring his mate to the documents for us.

Why is this absolute clown never off my tv or news feed with his obvious and shite predictions

He’ll be sending personalised birthday messages on them websites soon when he is back to being irrelevant and doing his scale and polishes again to keep himself in the limelight

I really hated the lockdowns but felt they were a necessary evil given they were to stop the health system getting more overrun and that the models suggest they saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

I felt that the bans on outdoor non-contact sports were completely over the top and actually very detrimental to the mood for me and my son who need these activities as part of our routine to stop us going mad. We found the second long lockdown in particular especially hard to handle and moods dipped accordingly.

The isolation rules were also the excuse my step mother gave for cremating my dad without any of his biological children being allowed to attend (she refused to give us dates and times to stop us attending) after he died in 2020. Obviously just an excuse by her but such rules played into her hands. Never thought I’d not be able to go to my own Dads funeral.

So I’ve found this whole thing a bit of a pile of shit really and I’ve been so thankful that vaccine technology has allowed us to start to live with this sooner than otherwise.

I’m just watching the news about the latest partying news in Downing Street where they make the rules. You really couldn’t make this up and when added to the stupidity of this government in multiple other areas I’m at a loss for words in how to describe this self serving bunch of tossers. They can fuck right off. Hope no one ever employs Johnson for after dinner speaking or non exec work when he’s finally put out on his stupid arse.

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My wife tested positive for Covid yesterday. She’s a nurse so it was inevitable sooner or later. She’s had 3 jabs and had a sore throat and some light cough for a day, but much better now. We’ll see if I catch it or not.


Sorry to hear that Ocke hope it remains non serious for you and your family.

Be golfing season again in another 6 weeks (maybe 10 in Scandinavia?) and great to put all this coronavirus stuff behind us while we enjoy the lengthening days again.


I’ve got 2 more days stuck in
Asymptomatic isolation.

After my experience with covid I can only imagine how many EPL players are the same, I really hope soon they start with only testing the symptomatic in all elite level sports.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: Yeah I can’t wait for the season to start! Will probably not be until late March/early April here though. Your pic from Rio really makes me miss being out on the course.
Since I have to isolate for 6 more days I might as well polish my clubs though :grin:

@Electrifying I need you to explain this one to me, we were always told in Aus that vaccination significantly reduces the the risk of transmission.

Currently in a 94 % vaxxed population we are getting 100-150k cases a day, with our population that puts our rate of infection in recent times above less vaccinated countries such as England and the USA.

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You could only answer that question if we knew what would have been the case number if no one was vaccinated.

If that data was 250k cases a day, then vaccine reduced transmission by 100k cases a day.
If that data was 100-150k, then vaccine didn’t reduce transmission.

Since we don’t have that information (thankfully), any answer would be speculative.

What do you think the case count would be, if no one was vaccinated?

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I’m not sure, I’m just saying Australia getting 150k cases a day is equal to England getting 450k cases a day and the USA getting 2 million cases a day.

It would be equal to india getting 6-8 million cases a day.

So you’d think with higher vaccination rates in Australia and if it significantly reduced transmission then that wouldn’t be the case.

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Jason Leitch will be devastated. #prayforLeichy