They also have a different vaccine than all of us.
May or maynot be applicable to us.

No they used Pfizer what are you talking about.


No wonder we are so fucked when we’ve been listening to this moron about anything.

Also people are really dying because of this complete shite.

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100% censored, as it sits at the top of the charts on Amazon :slight_smile:

Early days but this new African variant is a worry. Don’t like the sound of this fucker.

Yeah I’ve already been awaiting a new variant, when they lock us down for a 3rd winter in a row in Melbourne it either has to be ….

A. Low Booster uptake

B. Wicked new vaccine resistant variant


Portugal. Highest vaccination rate In Europe at 89%. Infection cases soaring, new lockdowns being implemented.

How come cases are as high or higher than a year ago when there were 0 vaccinated people?

Is it that the lockdowns and rules put in place by the governments are inconsistent and nonsensical? Is it perhaps that the vaccine doesn’t work well enough?

A combination of these things?

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The vaccine definitely doesn’t work as hoped.

Mate had a 30th birthday event recently, 28 people all had to be vaccinated and 10 have tested positive to covid this week.

Can’t argue against less gatherings with stats like that then really if that becomes the norm.

I’m still yet to know anyone that’s been savagely hit by covid yet which is good, when I say savagely hit I mean hospitalised and that includes my unvaccinated mates.

My guess is half measures by some governments, although I’m not sure about Portugal, which then leads to more potential variants due to increased infections.

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That not true though


They are seeing the trend go upwards and that’s why they are going to impose new lockdowns. Let’s come back to this graph in two weeks time.

Governments fucked up.

Air travel is the elephant in the room. Everyone airlines and governments playing at it with regulations and testing.
It’s the weakest link in the chain. Everything is a consequence of that.


Not in the Netherlands. Here it’s the lack of testing of vaccinated people. Theybarenrnreeuaired to test despite having the virus. So they carry the virus and infect others around them on a much wider and quicker scale than an unvaccinated person.

Virus travels on planes mate. Came into every country outside China on a plane.
New variant around now. Guess what air travel ramping up and sub standard measures and presto it’s back again.

EU are making immediate moves to curb travel this time it seems. Hard not to be cynical about it though, much easier to make such a call about some African countries than if this had all started in the US.


I think the weakest link now is lack of vaccines.

East Asia is now learning to open up and live with the virus using the vaccines.

Look where the last few variants came from or spread fast:

South Africa, Brazil, India, South Africa.

Where vaccine coverage is shocking.

The first world has to realise that they are in this together with every other country in the world, including the third world.

So hoarding vaccines or not helping weaker countries with vaccines will bite them all in the arse.

Helping them will help themselves. Time to build plants in the global south and get iabs in their arms. Whatever it takes to do that


Except in South Africa, there is an oversupply of Vaccine and they have had to cancel orders of vaccine, due to lack of take up. It seems the South African population (more so than from what I can see most other nations) do not trust the Vaccine…