I guess now we know why the Prime Minister went on holiday


Government getting absolutely roasted by this report

Do we think anything will happen though?

I hope but doubt.

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Nah because it’ll focus and be highlighted by the media on the vaccine and end game.

Holy moly that’s some serious mask against covid.

And here we are all packed like sardines on a bus wearing a paper thin “surgical” mask.

Being on a bus for a half hour with people who might have covid wouldn’t require the same level of protection as someone around patients who definitely do all day every day though would it. Not rocket science.


Looks like a mask to go paint or protect against paint fumes. Or maybe join Walter White and cook some meth.

Certainly unusual mask for doctors.


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Caption says it was last year, doesn’t give a date beyond that. Could have been real early when we weren’t very sure what we were dealing with…so why not take all the precautions? Honestly it’s a weird thing to fixate on.

Masks like that are only used in the ICU, where people may be ventilated.

If the ventilation tubes come loose, air from COVID patients, with aerosolised COVID particles that might leak and spread further.

So you need a higher level of protection and masks like that for those areas.

However, in the rest of the hospital, it’s just surgical masks, just like the bus.

Like this:


Do you doubt the surgical claim of the mask?

I laugh when people who are not afraid of Covid are so afraid of wearing a mask.

And I laugh at people assuming I am afraid of wearing a mask. :ozil:

I wear it all the time since I am out and about most of the time, need to obey the rules innit mate

Wasn’t aimed specifically at you

But why would anyone be afraid of it? It is just a lightweight mask :man_shrugging:t4:

It is more about the inconsistency and ridiculousness of how some governments apply the mandated mask-rule. Wearing one alone on the beach was a fineable offence in Spain for instance, but at the same time a bunch of people sitting shoulder to shoulder in a cafe without a mask was all bueno.

By the way, today I sat on the Thalys from Rotterdam to Paris. A train you can only get on if you are vaccinated or have a negative antigen test. So, I assume we all got it right. Next to me a guy sick as a dog, coughing the gnarliest cough and sneezing the dirtiest snot every 5 minutes. Flu can be deadly too, but somehow people fucking party and go to work nonetheless risking the health and well being of their fellow humans. Tssk.

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My mother worked in a hospital on ICUs too and I have been to a few and never ever saw that type of half-face respirators worn in Dutch hospitals.

Perhaps it is different in the UK. But, quite certain you won’t see this type of mask worn in Dutch hospitals unless they are working with dangerous fumes and chemicals. That is why it stood out to me.

Yeah it is a strange one, that’s for sure.

There are all kinds of ffp3 respirators about these days.

I guess that person liked that one, or that was the only one that fit, or the bulky nature maybe gives them more security.

My step daughter tested positive last night and as she’d been coughing all over me and my wife before the test (lost count of the times I’ve asked her to cover her mouth bless her) I’m guessing it’s days before we get it.

Seems like it’s going through the local schools like a dose of Epsom salts. It was always going to take off once the Autumn weather cooled.

Once again the U.K. government has missed the boat by delaying the decision to vaccinate secondary children.

My step daughters vaccine was due tomorrow- talk about shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. This should be called the dither and delay government.