Haha so true. I think because of the way their health system is setup it’s all about the $$$$

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Ivermectin is absolutely a drug humans can use.

I hate that line of attack that you’re using a horse drug because it’s not true and makes you look like a holier than thou and nobody will trust any subsequent advice you give.

I’m not surprised American liberals were propagating this untrue attack.

But it’s not proven effective for Covid.

The only proven treatments are:

The vaccines as prevention
Lying on your back.
Steroids if your oxygen is low and you need admitted to hospital.
The antibody mix Trump had, if your antibody test is negative.
Specific biologic immunosuppressant injections if you are really unwell and have no other infections.

Maybe remdesivir.

That’s it.


He said it in as a passing comment on his podcast. Difficult to find considering his podcasts are long form podcasts.

I wanna live my complete life like this. I wanna be as fit as I can be to make sure I don’t have to rely on meds. Watching my parents take a bunch of pills everyday as a routine makes me feel bad for them.

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Think it was @Jules that said it, although I could be wrong.

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Once you’re relying on a heap of meds and pills the battle is half lost.

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I also try to live without the use of meds, however (and this ain’t targeted at anyone here) I don’t think this new stigma attached to medicine is healthy.

I had a few friends who ended up becoming seriously depressed, and would out right refuse to take any meds. There was some weird kind of weakness associated with it! Instead they would follow bs YouTube soothsayers, weird diets and exercises. Luckily they eventually started taking anti depressants and their quality of life improved significantly, to the point that 1 of them are completely med free now. There are cases where medicine (pills) does a lot of good.


Yes my point was mainly down to taking pills for smaller things like a minor shoulder pain or headache.
People pop in pain meds like candies.

If a doctor asks me to take something, I will take it but if it is a vitamin supplement, I rather not.

Generally I don’t like taking medicine. That said I use my inhaler basically every day and without it I’d be fucked and probably unable to exercise much (which in turn would lead to worsening asthma) so I recognise the place for medicine absolutely. However, outside of of that I try to take as little medicine as possible and I’ve even gone a couple of years without having so much as a paracetamol.

When I broke my ankle the nurse the next morning brought round some pills. I had to ask three times what they were before getting the answer it was a difene and a pill to help my stomach deal with the difene. I did not take those fuckers.

Edit: glad your mates got the help they needed in the end


I think it’s not so much weakness as it is a bottling up, per se.

Men are known not to want to visit the doctor (in direct comparison to women). There is also the thought of mental health issues following you around- will it affect how and where you work? Will prospective employers show a negative bias against you when you honestly explain that a gap in employment was due to a recovery of depression? They shouldn’t but who knows nowadays.

I digress, mate. Going back to antidepressants, they do work. It’s physiologically proven that they work on dopaminergic pathways. It’s great that your friends have both used these as an option for recovery and that it’s worked for them.

I have an issue with how readily they’re prescribed in some instances, but that’s for another day.


Yeah I agree, I think though the anti medicine thing has gone way off, (granted I’m like Sham, Trion, Forever and Aussie and will not take anything unless it’s absolutely necessary.) But like there’s people who do all these weird things like meditate, or exercises, or stop eating certain things and even taking herbal stuff when in actuality they need medication. The internet seems to endorse this kind of thing and some people end up not getting the help they need.

Because everyone thinks pharmaceutical companies are evil and there is some conspiracy (not saying they ain’t in it for the money and they don’t partake in shady activities) but there’s people who have cancer refusing to get treatment because some dumb documentary claimed that the secret cure is to do with vitamin C and apricots. I remember there was some dipshit “influencer” who my missus would watch, he’s moved to Africa living “off” the grid even though he uploading to social media everyday, gives weird diet recommendations, spiritual rituals to cleanse yourself and at the start of the pandemic said that Covid don’t effect blacks because our blood special so don’t get any vaccines or medicines. I was like wtf? Like what kind of irresponsible shit is that? But it’s all part of the anti medication, pills and pharmaceutical thinking that is really prevelant now. And it is actually dangerous and could really negatively affect peoples lives.

@shamrockgooner thanks bro, my dude is back to living his life as normally as possible. :joy::rofl: Nurses must of hated you man, they always get pissy when you Don’t take what they give you.


You’re talking about ChakaBars aren’t you?

The biggest piece of shit on Instagram. Think he might even have blocked me because I responded to his posts because he spent all of summer 2020 posting gross misinformation about major social issues, the covid pandemic and other stuff.

I fucking hate him. I would unfollow people who repost him on their story


Bruh :joy::rofl: that’s exactly who I’m talking about. He’s one of those who not only is a Phoney but he is clearly using his platform to just try and hit on girls. But guy is a racist, an idiot and a piece of shit.

Yep. He can’t take any kind of criticism. But he also gives lots of misinformation on stuff like lifting and exercise and diets as well. Wife don’t watch him no more, but it was torture hearing about his bs when she did :joy:


I was discharged quuuuiiiick! :grin:

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Fucks sake lol.

I generally agree with all your sentiments.

I try to make sure people are on as little pills as possible.

For example, it’s a bit cruel and pointless to have some old 99 year old biddie taking iron tablets 3 times a day, when 3 times a week is just as good as new evidence shows.

That same 90 year old might be get started on a statin which works over decades, but if you’re 99, what’s the point?

There is absolutely no point in having some of these meds for these old people, and most doctors try to limit the medications they give as much as possible.

Everything has to have a reason. That’s my philosophy. I hate doing stuff just to do it, or just to calm other people who feel something should be done, down.

And so, that difene you got and the other drug was for the pain from your ankle.

I personally would have been fine if you didn’t take it, but then don’t be complaining that your ankle is sore lol.

I’d be telling you if it’s sore, take your painkiller :arteta:


Well exactly. No one asked me if I was in pain they just said here take this and then I had to twist their arm to tell me what the fuck it even was. I wasn’t in pain at all, the docs did a fabulous job. (When I said the next morning, I mean after I’d had surgery to have some scaffolding inserted.)


Mandatory Vaccines for construction workers in Victoria, you must be delighted @rednwhitearmy

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What a mess :arteta:

Terrence Deyalsinghis Nicki Minaj’s friend


It’s difficult to know who we should take
advice from.

You have an intellectual giant like American rapper Nicki Minaj or the scientific community.

It’s easy to see how the general public would get confused.


If 2/3 of Britain are doing it do you think England will stand firm in not doing it?

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