That fucking ghoul. I don’t wish harm on people but I won’t exactly be crying my eyes out when his obituary pops up.

But that he’s actually willing to look past his evilness to promote the vaccine shows you how important and unanimous this is.

However also, it isn’t just repubs that aren’t vaccinating.

Also can the UK please reduce the vaccination she before this happens here?

Well yeah, he has to convince his anti-vax supporters in Kentucky to take time out of their busy days sewing Klan hoods and making signs about transgendered athletes to get vaccinated otherwise they can’t vote for him next cycle …because they’ll be dead.

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Wonder how many players put in a transfer request to go abroad :ozil:


It’s slowly emerging that it’s get vaccinated or expell yourself from society.

The wanker that took Hancock’s job is pushing through a mandate that states only double vaccinated people can go to venues with crowds, or that are densely populated.

The vaccine is becoming less of a choice now and more mandetory. The Gov are slowly turning the screw.

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Seems like a lot of countries are planning similar vaccine passport rules. They’d have to transfer to the A-League or something :sweat_smile:

Nah that won’t work the shit will happen here also.


Are you saying it’s a bad idea to incentivize getting vaccinated? To protect people who can’t get vaccinated due to age or some other condition?

It’s not incentivising though is it, more beating those who don’t with a big loser stick resembling Bendtner’s cock.

It’s certainly taking on another dynamic now. I think it’s very interesting for people like myself who just haven’t been asked to take the jab. Like I’ve expressed before I find myself in no man’s land, in favour of it but in a weird place where I’m not dieing to sign up for it at as I stand and knowing I’m not putting anyone at risk or in danger.

Truthfully, in regard to everyone I know i haven’t met a single person who has taken the vaccination in my age group without some kind of personal and selfish intent, be that travel, their career or just the false sense of freedom/health it seems to give people.


What is your limit when it comes to “incentives” to get people vaxxed? What measure would be unacceptable to you?

There’s a big debate in France over the proposed “Health Pass” which would mandate non entry into cafes and public transport without evidence of vaccination or a negative test

It’s more the authoritarian threatening approach that governments are opting for that’s going to set the cat amongst the pigeons regarding lots of people, looking to strip people of basic rights if they don’t take the trial vaccine.

As opposed to encouraging people to take it for the greater good, then I believe people would be more receptive.


Yeah if people are working without a vaccine you can’t justify not letting them have their opportunity to enjoy what everyone else does.
There’s a case for overseas travel being a qualification but not everyday stuff IMO.

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I’m more of a glass half full guy so I’d typically appeal to people’s better angels. You’re not just taking the vaccine for you, you’re taking the vaccine to help protect Maddie. I’m not just taking the vaccine for me, I’m taking it to help protect someone you love who can’t get vaccinated. That kind of stuff.

I don’t think full scale exclusion from society is appropriate or ok. You can’t ban people from working or earning a living. But at least in the USA there’s already a whole cocktail of vaccines you need to have before attending college. It’s not like this is unheard of.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to tell people, sorry you can’t go to a college (American) football game and tailgate or a concert unless you’re vaccinated. You don’t have to attend sporting events or concerts but if you want to then you may have to adhere to some rules.

@sevchenko I’d want a big fat check as an incentive to get vaccinated. All I got was a free coffee and about two hours of a weak fever. But all jokes aside, I’d even consider tax breaks or stuff like that. Money talks right?

I think it’s fair to say basically all governments have done this do far.

As I’ve said before I don’t agree with these measures for the most part (fine with it for travel) and I’ll not be proving my medical status so I can have a pint or a coffee but the nice approach has already been tried and I guess a lot of governments feel like they are out of options now and are trying to strike a balance between economy and health.

Hang on, what?! Did you really get a free coffee? We don’t get anything

I think Dunkin was giving a free small coffee with proof of vaccination. I honestly don’t remember.