Is it a coincidence the pandemic takes a turn for the best the first few months after Trump was gone :eyes:

It’s not a coincidence but it is directly related to vaccines being available. Also places that haven’t got enough vaccines like India are kinda fucked.


I think so, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the UK, US, India, Brazil have been countries suffering the most with Covid


These cunts really need to pipe the fuck down I’m sick of seeing their moaning


Yeah they can get fucked. I’m Butlins til I die now.


Coronavirus still going on? I stopped reading, watching and listening about it a few months ago. Resumed living my life and even light overseas travel again.


Yeah thousands are people are still dying around the world.

Weirdest flex post I’ve read on here in ages what the hell is even that.


I am sorry thousands of people die from coronavirus around the world. Others die because they are isolated and depressed because of all the limitations, rules and worldwide lockdown. Again others die because of 99.9% of other reasons.

There are many ways to run society with the virus in the back of one’s mind. The way it’s been done for the last year, is not the way.

I had the virus. My girlfriend had it twice.

I travel for work. I get tested all the time, PCR, rapid anti-gen. The fact is, the measurements taken in The Netherlands are fucking stupid and dumb.

I stopped reading and watching news about corona, because it is a big fucking shambles how we are treated and the governments have no fucking clue what they are doing.

Not sure what is flexing about my post. Other then that I am flexing my experience and opinion.

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I’m not reading that because I don’t care.

Is cancer still a thing? I stopped reading watching listening about it months ago people are still dying? Pfft I’m just living my life travelling around the world

Yeah I actually stopped reading and watching about that too. You should try it. Will improve your life and happiness. :wave:t5:


I would like to see the evidence for all the extra suicides we have seen this past year due to lockdowns.

I’m not disputing it, but if you’re saying, you’re just kind of saying things until there’s something to back it up?

How many, and is it more than those dying of Covid? Thanks.

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Oh people are still dying from suicide? I stopped reading or caring about that ages ago I just travel the world.

Hahaha god this is excellent. What a twat

And I would like to see the actual death ratio of corona. The majority of the 0.1% who died had massive underlying conditions and the same people could then have died from a severe flu as well.

In any case if I know my immune system is fucked then I can decide for myself not to go to a concert or a bar to protect myself.

Increase in Coronavirus-lockdown related suicides:

You are a twat. Go brown nose your superiors and stay home.

Oh people are brown nosing? I dunno because I stopped reading about it ages ago. I’m just travelling the world


I’d say you’ve made your point now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Possibly, but I don’t know because I stopped reading the argument ages ago. I’m just on the commute home now.