Disproportionately more likely to be affected by the blood clots apparently

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If you’ve had one dose already, they have to give you the same one for your second dose.


Says in the article if any have already got it they will get it again

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Thanks ladies and gents, lesson learnt. Reading is important :grin:

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Just hearing on the radio that England will do a traffic light system for foreign travel where you don’t need to quarantine. Why do I feel England is jumping the gun again when Wales Scotland and NI say its to early for talking about foreign travel lol

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I feel like sometimes people just do things to make a legal point of some description. I can get on board with if someone is fully vaccinated not requiring them to quarantine but that is not currently the law as written so I can’t say I have too much sympathy here.

The woman is a citizen of three states and yet isn’t worldly enough to familarise herself with the laws in play of the country she is about to move to? I don’t buy it.

AstraZeneca is banned for under 50s pretty much in Aus, that will significantly delay the rollout here.

Had a mate in the police force who got it 2 date before the ban, said the last 48 hours he felt more sick than he ever has with any flu.

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I guess it’s a benefit cost thing.

Maybe the powers that be have decided that this very rare (but potentially devastating) effect of brain blood clots is not worth it when younger people are less at risk of Covid.

My personal opinion is that there is not enough data out there for sure to stop the rollout of the cheapest, most numerous vaccine we have.

And the benefits of protection from COVID outweigh the risks of a literal 1 in a million event, that may not even be caused by the vaccine.

Of course the ideal is that younger people get the Moderna or pfizer jabs but how many of those do we have?

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They opened up patios today in Edmonton. Erm . . .


Someone’s relative in my social circle didn’t get treatment & died of Covid, because every hospital is completely full.
Reality check just when I was questioning the need for a lockdown.

There is a good chance of another mini lockdown in Mumbai. Gonna spend another birthday locked in. Sigh.
I was planning a bike(motorcycle) trip.


Sorry to hear about your friends loss

Are you not allowed to ride a bike in lockdown then?

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Nope, We are not allowed to travel on weekends and if a lockdown is declared, same will be applied on weekdays as well.

Wait, with bike, I meant motorcycle. And I would not be able to use it to travel across cities using that.

Are you not allowed outside for exercise?

Yeah you can go outside, walk around, exercise within the confines of your town.
However, It’s summers and too hot to bother with that.

Oh ok, so you can use your bike, but you’d literally just have to go round in a circle by your house? :sweat_smile: How hot does it get there at the moment?

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Weather-wise we have been spared so far(30°C) , but it will touch 34°C in few days. :sob:

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Enjoy your pints tomorrow lads :raised_hands:

I’m not booked in to the pub until the following Monday when I have a day off, and I’m still yet to book my haircut :sob:

I don’t think many pubs will be open until mid-May when indoor sitting is allowed unfortunately, so it’s a very gradual return

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What a sentence. Imagine thinking we’d ever have to utter such a line :laughing:


Inside pubs and restaurants aren’t allowed to open until 17th May if the data allows it here

So you are probs roughly the same date?