No mate.


Hmmm. That’s one game postponed.

Does this echo earlier covid phases?

It’s probably worse at the moment on positive cases than it’s been before.

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Similar here, I do 150 drops a day 5 or 6 times a week, that’s a minimum of 750 house hold a week I’m coming into contact with, not including the huge amounts of drivers at the depot.
It’s mental.

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STILL nobody in the uk is doing the simple measure of isolating all new arrivals at airport hotels until a swab comes back negative

The policy that has helped Australia and New Zealand to get back to normal


It’s a good question. They wanted the control of their borders back but they are truly doing fuck all with that power.

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Fucks me off. All travel should be banned if they’re that serious about it. I said it before but so many people are travelling off and around. One bad week of free travel anywhere shit puts us back months if not years.


By the way, is this how COVID deaths have always been recorded?

I’m not downplaying the virus or anything. I was just curious about the wording, as it never used to say deaths “within 28 days of a positive COVID test”. It used to just be COVID deaths. So was it always that if you test positive and die a month later you’ve died of COVID even if you haven’t? And they’ve just added in the wording to make people aware?

Always been the case what I was arguing before, partner said people could be going into hospital with a serious life threatening injury catch covid in hospital die from the injury it counts as a covid.


If someone was to die of COVID complications 29 days after a positive test, it won’t get recorded as a COVID death.

So the figures are likely inaccurate and could well underestimate how stark the numbers really are.


haha two ways at looking at things

Data up to 60 days is on the official website right next to the 28 day counter bro.




I dunno about this stuff, but the death certificates are pretty clear as to what people die of.

So if somebody dies because of their Covid then it’ll be reported that way.

If they test positive but die of something else while having no Covid symptoms then it’ll reflect that in the death certificate.

But I dunno what they’re doing about this within test rules.

These are the people responsible for Boris doing the Christmas nonsense. And now whole families dying in different wards in hospital, alone.

Here, maybe Stalin had the right idea about these people. Best case punishment should be a Siberian labour camp


I wouldn’t call it normal here, borders closed from certain states to other states, certainly better lifestyle than the UK at the moment, but not sure normal is the word I’d use.


Close to normal and you’re not culling 1500 people every day at least

I’d kill for Scotland to be where Australia is at the moment

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They even close borders within the country we can’t even close our international one ffs



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If immunity wanes so quickly then what’s the point of a vaccine surely injecting a dead version of the same virus would produce the same effect ? Your body has built antibodies to fight it.

You know better I have no idea how this works.

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