I agree.

There are some major benefits of a Christmas lockdown. No boxing day sales, no projected crowds at sporting events, no chance of big families of 20 plus getting together, no ridiculous get togethers to see fireworks being let off to see the new year in

I’d like to think soup kitchens for the homeless could still run, in some capacity.

I’d also hope it doesn’t work the other way, like it did in Easter where a lockdown would effectively mean working days on the bank holidays for healthcare staff (unprecedented, in the wrong way)

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@Aussiegooner can go outside like the rest of us now lol

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Same. I was probably a bit strong in what I said.

I don’t want to go clubbing (to be fair, even before Coronavirus, it was rubbish because the music in clubs is shit! :smile: ) I just want to spend time with certain people. I personally don’t think this lockdown is working, based on what I’m seeing every day, so I wouldn’t be opposed to people being allowed to make their own decisions (as many already seem to be doing)

Though watching football all day on Boxing Day is definitely preferable to visiting family members I never see or speak to :laughing:

All I can say is that the world leaders failed us in coming up with a strategy to minimize the risk of infection and the risk of economic turmoil. We are getting the shit deal on both the fronts.

I sympathize with them in terms of early months as it was complete chaos with lack of information but now things are clear to a large extent and we can come up with a plan to live around the virus without needing to shut down the economy, although now I understand why winter lockdown is needed.

We as commoners are not fed enough clarity in the matter which could guide us in making informed decisions in our day to day life. Rather we are still arguing about the effectiveness of the mask.
There are still people who think it’s only life & death with Covid. We are not aware of how many patients have been severely affected by contradicting Covid despite the recovery.
How hard is it to work with gym associations, hospitality industry, event organizers and give them a guideline of minimum safety standards?

Joe Rogan may not the source of wisdom for all but he is right in terms of complete lack of information provided to the people. People need to be educated rather we are allowing conspiracy theorist to take hold of the narrative.

This is a good podcast episode on Covid, vaccine etc.


By the way, forgot to mention this at the time, but I don’t really appreciate being called darl’


I really do agree that our leaders have failed us.

We’re still looking at countries where they imposed a lockdown to get the cases to a manageable level, introduced a proper contact tracing system and mask wearing as a just in case measure as the benchmark, but just don’t seem willing or able to do that.


Not just can, they do kill

Spiders, snakes, rats, clowns, Mustafi, being buried alive…not sure I would have guessed cows in a million years.

I have a mate who has a fear of ice. Literally can’t leave the house. Taxis everywhere.

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I am really afraid of driving in icy conditions. I spun out on a county road between Ithaca and Syracuse when I was in college. It was pretty scary and I was lucky nobody else was around!


Well this guy will get on his knees on certain patches of ground. A fear that’s bordering on a phobia with him.

Yikes. That’s gotta be tough. I always thought England was more of a depressing damp and cold during the winter rather than icy.

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Mostly but we have our moments and most local authorities are never ready for it.
We always respond after the fact usually.

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Here it gets icy as fuck depending on how cold the night was :joy: on my walk to work from the station I risk my life and walk on the side of the road or walk on the grass bits and get my shoes all dirty :joy: To avoid the fucking ice rink of the pavement

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I guess he’d have a rough time here in the winter then :grimacing: Fitted studded tires to the car a few weeks ago (winter tyres studded or not are mandatory here) and it can be very icy in the mornings.

I’m legitimately starting to lose my mind now.

I hate my job and I’ve been wanting to leave for a long time but I can’t do that. There is a paucity of available jobs in my field right now.

My external work is taking a dive because of the constant stop / start nature of the gym right now which puts people off wanting to work.

Gyms are my go to for just releasing day to day stress and giving me a nice place to go and just kill a session. They’re closed, and they probably will continue to open and close whilst our government remain indecisive about what to do.

I’ve got friends losing jobs. My friend has been told he won’t be able to return to work until next year because their is simply not enough money coming in to justify holding onto him.

I’m turning to things that I left behind me to fill the voids right now. And I know for a fact it’s going to end up putting me in a negative head space again.

I understand the need to protect and save lives but there’s no end in sight and there is no control from our inept and brazenly corrupt government.


Dude I’m right there with you on the frustration front. The mental toll of isolation and lockdown is something we’ll be dealing with for years and years. If you need to talk or have a kvetch or just want to play uno over the internet I’m happy to give out my IG or WhatsApp to you. You can buzz me anytime if you think you’re going off the rails. That goes for anyone on here, not just you. The only way out of this is through the winter and probably more lockdowns which means we have to do it together…but separately. Just PM me if you want my info. I get yelled at for a living so I’d like to think I’m a good listener.


Thanks bro. I’m actually cool it’s just that when this shit happens it ruins my focus and I end up spending too much time with other people and shit. My routine becomes so out of whack I don’t really have an alternative (at least that’s what it feels like).

There are people experiencing way more than I am and ever will. It’s just the frustration of it all right now. It’s been nearly 9 months and we’re no closer to seeing the end of this.

For what it’s worth mate BBC website reporting gyms going to be opened straight after lockdown.
Not just wanting to link everything too the gym with you like. Something good for now anyway.

Tbh mate it’s way deeper than the gym. It’s being able to go out and just lead a normal life. Go on holiday, go out with my people.

I’m sad for people losing their jobs, struggling to make ends meet. I’m sad that the regular man is stretched more than ever before whilst the government dish out contracts to their donor pals. I’m genuinely just disappointed in so much that’s going on.

The future is bleak with the impending no deal Brexit, the never ending pandemic and just everything around it.

Every day feels like the same day these days. And that’s a scary place to be in for such a long period of time.