People are just doing what they want now anyway.

I know you live with someone who is vulnerable, and I’m not suggesting we throw her to the wolves. But come on, at this stage we might as well let people see their family and go to the gym.


Because they are scary and deadly. If tigers were common in British fields I’d probably be scared of them. But instead we have cows, which kill a lot of people. I’ve genuinely turned round on a run and done an extra 5 miles because I didn’t want to run past a cow before!

I’m going to need to see a source.

I think they are technically/mathematically the biggest killer in the UK. But it’s a false narrative which should only really highlight how non deadly our animals are in the UK, and not how fatal cows are to us.

Yeah I’m being totally pathetic with my cow thing. But I can’t help it.

98 people in 20 years.

That’s more than all shark, spider and snake attacks in the Uk combined in the same period!


So, you’re willing to go to a feckin Christmas party, and standing a VERY good chance of getting Corona Virus, but you will not run past a field on cows?

Boris would love you… :cow:

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I mean if it was a choice I’d pick the party.

But as it stands I didn’t say I wanted to go to a Christmas party. I just want to see my mum. If that constitutes a party, then ok.

Honestly, the double standards on this thread, mate.

Best keeping clear of it

While more than expected I don’t think 5 people a year counts as lots of people.

Claim unsubstantiated.

Yeah I’m fully aware that my fear is ridiculous. But the fact still stands, cows can kill.

I’m not here to knock your fear, just to allow the cows to retain thier good name.

Don’t come crying to me when one kills you

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I don’t live near any cows so for me its a moo point.


Why is it always you with the puns?

Let the udders have a go.


This is the perfect opportunity for someone funny to say you live in Essex so probably live near loads

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I just saw the opportunity to calm any vaguely troubled waters by offering you a Friends reference :wink:

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They don’t hurt you if you worship them


Ah yeah just got that :smile: I’m a little slow this morning.

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On the topic of Christmas, I really don’t want the price we pay for it being another lockdown in January. I’d much rather write it off and ideally start afresh in the new year. I don’t know what’s scientifically sensible, but psychologically I feel like it would be so shit to start the new year with a heavily restricted January. If just pressing on with this for a bit more of 2020 means starting 2021 positively then I’m all for it (well, “all for it” might be overstating the case, but it would be preferable to me)

Sorry for being a hit unnecessarily catty with my other post too, it wasn’t particularly aimed at any one person but it was a possibly a bit of an emotional response on my part.

We’re all in the shit and hating it so I try not to take it out on others but I guess I’m not always successful, but I do know that I shouldn’t take it out on other people who are also just venting cos they’re fed up.

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