I think we are not asking one question.

Has Medical industry found treatment or treatments which makes Covid less deadly than at the initial phase?

We needed all these restrictions to give more room for medical professionals to deal with Covid. What is the recovery rate in last month?
We have been looking at cumulative recovery rate. What is the current week by week recovery rate?

I can recall watching the curiosity stream documentary which has suggested plasma transfusion from a recovered patient who has antibodies for Covid. That guy alone helped bring the recovery rate up.

If the recovery rate is better, No need to be as fearful as before


The answer to all arguments here is to listen to the science and then hope we have smart enough people to interpret that science into actionable societal initiatives…

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Elaborate please on the defending Victoria’s response when NSW have similar rolling numbers and just had 30k at a Rugby League game last night ?

Burnham playing a blinder on this tier 3 proposal for Manchester.
Got this corrupt gang of shysters up the fucking wall. Hang in there Andy.

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What I am empathising with more is that if you don’t crush this it will come back up.

The Andrews’ government have been riddled with incompetence (or corruption) in their management of the hotel quarantine and the weak track and trace process…

However, if I ignore that, and just look at this from a “what outcome do I want?” - then I find myself not too conflicted with the decisions made in the past 14 days.

I agree that Victoria’s benchmark is NSW (not London, not Paris) - but if I had the choice between being in lockdown for another 2 weeks versus opening too early and then being in the situation present in Paris, I’d choose the former.

Wales set to announce a temporary full scale lockdown

Most areas in Wales have got less than 20 cases per 100,000 people. Madness. No consideration for people’s livelihoods. Guy on the radio runs a holiday let company and he said as soon as they announced lockdown, he just lost thousands of pounds from half term rentals. He is just one example.

Our future is so bleak at the moment. The money to rebuild the economy has to come from somewhere.


Someone I know developed symptoms on the 12th October, got tested the 15th and got the positive result this morning.

Guess who was out all weekend at loads of different pubs with loads of different friends and family members?

Like fucking hell, how stupid can you be. You’ve got the virus symptoms and you don’t self isolate for at least 7-10 days?!?

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No surprise north Wales has high infections with the amount of commuting between there and the north west.
Lockdown are okay in principle but when people work outside of their area it’s skewed.

Now times this scenario by thousands. Voila, rise in cases.

The general public don’t give a shit.


This is why we end up in a lockdown. People are selfish and stupid. I wouldn’t be surprised if these same people are the ones complaining the most.

I got into it with some people on twitter regarding lockdown. So many quick to reference Sweden. I agree, theoretically a country could remain open. Sweden failed at shielding their elderly and most vulnerable. But things didn’t remain normal as if there was no covid. High Schools and Universities closed. Businesses took it upon themselves to shorten their hours. The people voluntarily stopped making necessary travels, social distanced and took precautions. The problem in the UK and the US is that there are too many people like the one you describe who wouldn’t make the adjustments needed to keep the economy open. Granted, Bojo hasn’t helped by essentially laughing it off at the start, but you can’t blame the gov 100% as people are making their own choices regardless.


Spot on. I don’t know if people are just fucking stupid or fucking selfish. It’s one or both of the two.

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Just know there’s going too be Christmas masks. Some clown wearing them like santa hats saying it makes things Christmasy.

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Looking like we’re going back to almost full lockdown here. We were already at what was being called level 3 and we’re going to 5…stay within 5km etc. It’s going to really fuck over a lot of people and businesses.

Yeah but apparently if you have that mindset then you’re selfish. Our mental health and future doesn’t matter, all that matters is that we reduce Coronavirus cases to zero.

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Most people don’t think like that.


There was a report from one of the sage scientists saying the next few months are bleak but they expect drug and/or vaccine breakthrough by March leading life back too more normal levels. Who knows.

Yeah the rest of this year will be tough just got to get through it then we can never speak of 2020 again

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It ain’t all gonna go away on January 1 mate.