Coming to terms with mental health issues

Understandable bro. If you ever feel like you need a place to unload, I think this is one of those judgment free zones where people are always happy to listen and provide some advice.


Sorry if you’re struggling mate. Sharing helps. A problem shared is a problem halved. Best of luck

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No matter how bad the struggle is just remember light at the end of the tunnel always exists @Josh.

This whole year has been a shitty year. If it was a pizza topping it’d be pineapple!

I’ve banged the mental health drum a lot in the Coronavirus thread. Not that that is the reason for mental health, I obviously get that people had issues before this year (myself included). But the restrictions this year definitely made it worse for me personally. And not on here, but in life in general I still don’t think people understand the effect the Coronavirus has had on people. Whenever I’ve tried to mention it I just get told “yeah but people are dying.” People die every day of other causes, they haven’t all just disappeared!

A lot of you probably didn’t realise, but a lot of the time I’d be ranting on here to give myself something to do. So this forum helped me massively, even though I find half of you bloody annoying :smile:

So what I’m trying to say is that I hope @Josh feels a tad better just by letting off some steam. And I’m sure it goes without saying for us all that he (or anyone) can message any of us at any time. I am actually really funny, so if anyone needs cheering up let me know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m confused are you saying it’s been a good or bad year, because pineapple is an amazing pizza topping


So you’re one of those weirdos that like Hawaiian pizza?

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Not exactly, I like making pizza at home and adding gazilians of toppings

Tempted to leave the alliance after that bombshell


As you said, there are gazillions of toppings, therefore no need for pineapple

Pizza is good for my mental health.


Just want to echo what’s already been said. OA is weirdly one of the safest places I’ve found to talk about stuff.

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Yeah, don’t we know it :roll_eyes:

Kidding obviously. Most of you won’t believe this, but I am really shy in real life.

:laca2: gtfo, really?

Seriously what’s all with the pineapple hate @Midfield_Maestro, @jules and now you? Cheese, pineapple and ham (or bacon) wether on pizza, in a toasted sandwich or enjoyed on their own as a tasty snack, as a combination are next level. I can only imagine that the type of people that hate pineapple as a topping are the same kind of people who enjoy Marmite and no seasoning on their chicken. :-1:t4:


That’s aBIZmal.

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Hang on. You have pineapple in a sandwich? :gabriel:

I hate marmite FYI.

Cheese, ham and pineapple toasties are the best.

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Wait you don’t? Have you even lived? Do you even enjoy food?

An unparalleled explosion of flavours.


I’ve never even considered the idea of putting pineapple in a sandwich. You know why? Because it is a disgusting idea.


U people are sick