Coming to terms with mental health issues

Best advice there is. Follow your heart, not your wallet.


I can relate to the last few posts regarding working life. Atm Im in a job where the pay is OK but the hours are brilliant for me. I shouldnt be admitting this but I can almost take a few hours out of each day if I want to making the working week shorter. However Im underpaid for what I do and could be earning almost double…but I’d have to work more hours.

For me it comes down to balancing whats important. Your time or your money. Those extra hours to myself a week allows me to do many things normal workers probably could not do during the week without eating into precious time. It also keeps me happy and falling into the rat race type attitude. Sure I could do with the extra dolla but what would that actually mean if I get depressed. I value my time over my bank account, I know this is a simplistic way of viewing things in a financial driven world but if it keeps you happy that for me is priority.

On the point of being a slave for CEOs etc. Unfortunately this is the way capitalism is…we have to suck it up. Dont forget we live on a gorgeous planet, take some time to see the world and other places, it will help to get out of that trapped feeling even if it is for a very brief period. Everyone’s minds are different, you just have to find what works for you.


I’m not sure I entirely agree with this part. Disclosure of health issues to an employer is confidential, it doesn’t become water cooler talk. Your boss or HR department would be incredibly negligent if they let that information become common knowledge, and could face legal action I would think.

It doesn’t have to be like that though to be honest. There are so many jobs that aren’t like that.


I know what depression can do to you as it was something that effected me a lot when I was younger. I still suffer from depression but it’s no way near as bad. Sharing your experiences like this and talking to people really does help. It’s all about finding coping mechanisms to keep the depression away - I think these mechanisms are different for everyone. Meditation is something which without doubt helps me.

Hope you find the strength to get through this…


Currently sitting in a waiting room to have a chat with people from ‘relate’. Has anyone had any experience with them?

Hey mate, how did the meeting with Relate go? I didn’t respond to your post last time because I didn’t have any experience with them and had nothing to really post.

In other news, I thought I’d give you all a positive update.

Late October I handed in my dissertation after a month long extension and next week lectures start for the last module of my MSc! I’ll only have 2 contact hours a week which is funny but I graduate in July!

Now I’m just stressing out massively about getting a good job and I don’t really know how to go about it because I’m not entirely sure what I want to work with. I’ve got a pretty good CV though, but the maths and logic tests for grad schemes applications are really intimidating haha

Since you are doing well now,

Maths is easy & interesting. I hate people like you.

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I will give you a proper update this evening. Not something i want to rush. :slight_smile: glad you have positive news though pal!

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Sad to see Eboue like this.

Wish him all the very best and hope he feels better soon


it’s sad seeing him like this, especially as he made so many arsenal fans happy, it’s not fair really

This is the closest I’ve found to a mental health thread on OA.

This is very sad to see its the second time in 24 hours ScotRail have tweeted this. What a fucking horrific death :slightly_frowning_face:


Awful. Peoples’ mental health really taking a battering these days.


It’s absolutely horrific I also feel sorry for the drivers must be awful seeing it happen in front of your eyes.


I know a girl here in London who is a nurse in one of the hospitals in central and she said that they have 7-8 suicide attempts in their ICU at any given moment and before COVID times the normal number would be 1 or less. She said that it’s most people throwing themselves in front of trains or off bridges.

Pretty heart breaking stuff tbh.


Fucking hell another one :slightly_frowning_face:

This is the 4th person on the 4th consecutive day ffs. So sad