Coming to terms with mental health issues

Yeah. All the time. Maybe 3/7 days of week I don’t sleep at all

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Unless you have adapted to this routine, this is not good for you.
Try to fix your lack of sleep first.
Mentally may be difficult but physically exhaust yourself as much as possible before bed time.

Yeah I obviously try to sleep.

How do I do that?

I need the formula too as I slept at 4 two nights in a row.
Although currently it’s my own tendency to check internet as opposed to the time when my mind didn’t let me sleep.

Fellow forum members, how do we sleep early?

I’ve got no idea. My sleep pattern has been f’ed for years too.

I actually sat and watched Toy Story tonight and now all I can see is bloody Mr Potato Head.

I must have seen this film when I was a kid, but don’t remember it.

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Honestly reading something for half an hour in bed usually does the trick for me as it gets me nodding off.

If that doesn’t work, try downloading the “Headspace” app. It’s all about mindfulness and meditation for mental health but also has a section on sleeping and I’ve found it to be good in the past.

Otherwise having a little night cap or two before bed always helps too, although I actually find weed to be even better at that and without the hangover as well.


There’s a ton of useful meditation tracks on YouTube as well. They really help me calm down and fall asleep. I’d recommend getting a YouTube Premium (free) trial so you don’t have to deal with ads.


I have read so many books. I am like the pub quiz Queen when it comes to books. People just look at me when a book question comes up. I read and write a lot. That doesn’t help me sleep.

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I agree with this and @Cristo’s suggestion on Headspace is a good one too.

Have you ever watched any ASMR videos? I used to struggle with sleep a hell of a lot (still do) and found that going to bed with headphones on listening to ASMR stuff on at night would help my senses a shit load.

Not being able to sleep is horrible, always envy those who can sleep like babies.

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Tiring myself out physically usually helps me get a good sleep.


Yeah @Phoebica bro I know you like to read so if you can pick up a book by Professor Matthew Walker called ‘Why we sleep’, it has a lot of useful information about the benefits of sleep and how to go about getting a good nights sleep.

Then for sleep I would recommend CBD oil, both Elixinol and Provacan provide super high quality products and even have specific mixes for sleep, it really does work.

If your feeling down, then Ashwaganda root extract, CBD oil and Maca Root extract are my top recommendations, can get them all in a dripper or tablets with the drippers hitting a little quicker.

Let me know, got a whole bag of other stuff to recommend :+1:t4:

Edit: Also best technique to fall asleep consistently is one they taught us in forces, which is to make the environment as dark as possible as it releases Melatonin at an accelerated rate. MW talks about this as well.


It’s probably a stupid question on my part but do you drink anything with caffeine (cola, tea, coffee, red bull etc) in after 11am in the morning?

I found as I got older that even a cup of tea at 2pm would have me wide eyed awake at 2am. I used to drink lots of coffee even in the afternoon and sleep fine but as I got older I found it messed with my sleep, my digestive system and joints so now it’s an occasional early morning treat in moderation at most. I got headaches for a few days when I cut down initially.

Sorry if this is a stupid question that you’ve already thought about.


I was having about 1 or 2 hours maximum of sleep when I went a bit mental a few years ago. Just couldn’t shut off, over thinking, reading made my mind wander, I could game for hours. Exercise hyped me up. I give credit to the third type of anti depressant I had been given, the ones that made me mentally worse and I came off them shortly afterwards ( different for everyone) but they knocked me out at 9pm. I did just have a year of physical work 25k steps a day usually and gym/running on no sleep so I dunno if I just crashed but I’m pretty sure it was those tablets.

After that I could find myself able to switch off, I’ve always been poor at sleep and still am in relation to other people.

Watching sport in the evenings knocks me out now. In your head you just got to talk to yourself like what are you doing this is pointless you can watch this tomorrow close your eyes.

Keep books phones tablets away from the bed make your sofa comfy to get tired a day watch/read yourself feel super tired then head upstairs so you have nothing to do and your head doesn’t give you other options.

I’m just waffling on with what I have found works sorry if this is a load of shit to you


Not a stupid question, as most people would say yes to that. But I have never liked hot drinks

This is kind of silly but even making a cup of tea (decaf or herbal obv) helps kind of chill after putting Maddie to bed. Even if I don’t drink more than a few sips. It’s more the mindless process.


So I slept again at 4.
What about you @Phoebica

I had lots of sleep last night :sleeping: