Chuba Akpom


Greece is a interesting choice. Nice to see more English players going abroad.

Arsenal seem to produce alot of poacher CF through the academy :thinking:

I would like a bit more diversity in our youth CF profile tbh


Gotta make room for Dembele 🖒👋


Big shame he isn’t good enough to make it here, absolutely love his name.


He is not a winger, tbh.


I have it on good source he once told Liam Brady to fuck off. Good riddance to this shit cunt. Enjoy shit football for the rest of your days.


Another one who will win a league medal after leaving. :xhaka:


Looked like he was a bench option at the start of the season but has forced his way into the 11 and is now doing the bits, fair play to play him


Chuba couldn’t score in the Championship, not sure what that says about the Greek League.


Glad he has found his level. He couldn’t even score in the Championship.


Like players can’t improve


Proud of him.


Showed some character here by going abroad and pursuing his career. Footballs been a big part of his life and he has now successfully risen to a challenge he set himself.
Proud moment for him and his family. Credit to you Chuba you have achieved.


Love the kid, was really happy to see him move to PAOK who should be doing big things in the future. They seem to have treated him really well, let him settle and all. Nice to see them accept him so organically and lay the groundwork for him to develop.


Think the Championship is more competitive.


There’s more to scoring goals than just being a good striker pal. Your entire assessment of basically any player seems to come down to their goals and assists tally. Ever considered any other factors?


The technique on the exicution on the shot was nice. Iwobi should take note


I’ve actually credited Lacazette for good link up & Combination play this season so yeah quit with your tripe.

Regarding Chuba though, when you’re scoring 4 in 40 or whatever it was in the Championship as a striker you’re struggling, as I don’t care how well you’re doing the other stuff at some point as a striker you have to find the back of the net.

Actually 4 in 40 was being generous, it was actually 3 in 53.


It happens with some players that a certain league and style suits them. Greek league might be that for Akpom. A bit like Ian Wright’s son Bradley, didn’t amount to much in the English league. Decides to go over to MLS for New York Red Bulls. Had a good partnership going with Thierry Henry and started knocking in goals. Been constantly one of Red Bulls best players and has a good scoring record there.


Exactly. Some players can only at a certain level.


Some players can do in the PL for example but maybe not for a big top 6 club. Someone like Kieran Gibbs, did well to get as long a career with us cause for me he’s Championship level player to relegation fodder PL club level. WBA is his right club. Someone like Isaac Hayden is another, not up to grade for Arsenal but do a job for someone like Newcastle.