Chuba Akpom


Barcelona rumours were about Benik Afobe and Chuks Aneke. But I think those were just shit rumours after we stole another player and there was really never anything in it.


Bye. Good luck.


Another one of future star-spotter @AbouCuellar’s stable of talent off the books then


Good luck to him. Clearly not good enough for us.


Nice try, actually I never rated him, even when a lot of people did.


thought he was going to hang around for ever, best of luck to him though


Shame on you OAers, you are getting ahead of yourselves:

He is/could be going out on loan.

We coud see him back next season.


i don’t care, i’m not moving him back. Fuck him.


Looks like he’s found his level


Plays for a team that can beat Anderlecht. Big progress :ok_hand:


Plays, big progress :joy:


Good goal to be fair


The Akpom thread doesn’t get much love… He’s not even in the right category at the moment…

Won’t get too excited yet though. We thought we were selling him to these no-marks in January and it turned out to be just a loan.



One of those players I was certain wouldn’t make it here the first time I saw him play.

Best of luck though.


I’m surprised how many times he kept coming back. He never really appeared to be one of Wenger’s chosen ones and never really had any moments that wowed anyone.


Good luck.


Good. Let the purge begin


His decision making was always poor and he wasn’t a clinical striker.

A move to a low tier belgium or french club should work for him, maybe playing alongside yaya sanogo could help him imprve and shine.