Chuba Akpom


Looks like he’s going to be a part of the first team squad this season.

Been impressed with him pretty much every time he’s featured for us. Has a bit of everything to his game.

Sanogo is finished at least, which is a small comfort.


I’m not sure he has very much in his locker. I’ve never seen him do much of anything except clean up scraps in the box, fight for crosses, and be in the right place at the right time on occasion. He might well have a knack for those things and make a successful career out of those abilities, but I don’t see much to suggest that he is an Arsenal-level player. I’d say his ceiling is a very poor man’s Diego Costa. His more likely future is a journeyman striker for lower table and Championship clubs.


Was impressed with him in the reserves/U21 from what I have seen and he is mobile, focused, and has a knack for scoring, but he looks way out of his depth with the first team, his preseason goals notwithstanding.


No future here as far as I’m concerned.

Nothing against him but speaks volumes of what we’re reduced to under Wenger’s tenure.

We’ve known for how many years we need a striker superior to Giroud and yet here we are going into the first game of the season with Akpom and Walcott as our striker options? This is some really sad shit.


He’s a bit poo. Can’t help thinking most of his pre season goals been jammy.


Well I like him so fuck all y’all


He can’t be worse than Theo and Sanogo.


He will end up playing regular football for a yoyo Championship/ Premier League sort of side.


Or he could turn out to be a top striker


Yeah never know your luck but I just don’t think he has enough tools in his locker to be truly successful at the elite level.


Ive not seen enough of him to make that judgement


Frank Lampard made a career out of that. I realize I’m comparing a midfielder to a striker but, I’d rather be lucky than good.


Nothing wrong with having a menace in your team when your scraping for a goal, Hernandez was nothing but a bit of pace and finishing and it worked well for United.


He scored four goals in this pre-season but I for me he is not better than Sanogo.


Not enough in his arsenal.


Sanogo is garbage - I see a lot more promise in Akpom’s game albeit we’re talking in relative terms here.

I can’t remember what game it was last season where Akpom came on as a substitute and looked really lively. He seemed to have decent dribbling ability and was confident. Sanogo in comparison is clumsy, he carries the ball in a very laboured fashion and his decision making is painfully slow.

If we’re going to give minutes to one of them, I would pick Akpom every time. It appears I am in a minority of people who like him though.


Akpom vs Sanogo debate.


No love for Chuba on here? I thought he was great last night. Very dangerous and sensible passing throughout in an unfamiliar position.


He was excellent. Looked extremely comfortable on the left. Seems to have improved his dribbling too, much tidier.


He’ll never make it here. He’s wasting his time tbh he needs to drop down to league 1 to establish himself