Yea it’s not an unreasonable position. I just think there has never been a time it’s less guaranteed to work.

Like, they absolutely have to win the league in the next three years having laid all that down (+whatever else is to come and assuming Enzo happens).

I would. Sometimes football is simple. If you have more talent than the opponent, you’ve got a better shot at winning. It’s never a guarantee and you may need to cycle through coaches but I do think more often than not talent wins out.


Interesting question. It all depends on how you’re doing in the season though.
We’re on top of the league, throwing all this money in the way they’re doing without a foreseeable plan would disrupt the changing room.

If we were 10th, I’d feel meh, let’s throw shit on the wall and see what sticks. I would see it as a mad show nevertheless.

But again, they are used to big spending to be relevant. I would prefer a proper plan. You can’t just buy players and hope it works out. You need a coach with a vision (a Pep for example.). I wouldn’t want a mad man in charge buying players and forcing them onto the manager, it’s tough to work out.

A manager will definitely come in and think that many of the players signed/already at the club aren’t in his plans. Potter said before the Mudryk deal he didn’t need to sign any players and they sign 10 players for him lol


Mudryk Osimhen Felix
Mount Rice Enzo
Cucarella Fofana Badiashile James

Chelsea will rock up on the first day of the league next season with a team like this and fans will still have their heads in the sand screaming they have no plan it’s a mess.

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  1. they won’t make felix permanent
  2. they’ll still play like shit
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Osimhen, Felix, and Rice would take their spending in the first 14 months of Boehly over a billion pounds in transfer fees.

If you spend a billion pounds on players you should have a really really good team! Doing so isn’t indicative of having a plan or executing well on that plan.

I won’t make a prediction about whether it is likely to happen or not. When Boehly bought the team, they promised an additional 1.75 billion to improve the squad and spend on a big stadium project. When Roman last explored doing a big expansion/modernization of Stamford Bridge, the price tag was estimated at 1 billion and that was five years ago. You have to expect that at some point the money on transfers slows down to a normal pace.

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Imagine spending 1 billion n still having Mason Mount in your starting lineup :rofl: :rofl:


Or Kepa.


Except that they still need to sign Felix permanently and get Rice and Ohsimen for that to be the case and if they do complete those deals then I think the sentiment would change.

It’s quite different to what they’ve done thus far.

Well it’s only two additional players from their current squad. I think there’s a high chance Felix gets loaned for the year and if not money dosnt seem an issue.

If you remove Aubameyang I think in general they’ve signed a tonne of really promising under 23 talent. Sprinkle a couple players in the 24/25 bracket like we did with Jesus/zin they’re basically set for the foreseeable future.

Seems to be a narrative that chelsea are going for quantity as opposed to quality but I don’t see it. How many of Chelsea’s signings would we not have taken Auba excluded?

They’re doing a way more expensive version of our rebuild by targeting young players with high ceilings. It’s not hard to work it out.

Kepa aside, that’s a super team. Fuck.
Seriously, the PL can’t allow them to sign any other top draw talents. Rice and Osimhen must not end up there.

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Mason Mount will hold them back from being truly special.

Will most likely kick it up a gear or two courtesy of the “one year left on my deal, I’'m gonna turn into a beast out of nowhere” rule.

Nah. He sucks. It boggles the mind how he has a UCL winner’s medal.

Well him, Pulisic, Werner, Havertz…basically that whole team was average to shit except for Thiago Silva.

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Yes but from the end of the previous summer window its Badiashile, Mudryk, Felix, Ohsimen, Enzo and Rice and most of the narrative comes from acrivity in that summer window whereas your example contains 6 guys that werent part of their activity in that window.

Think the amounts of money is probably a big factor here too. With that kind of outlay people are going to expect some production on the pitch pretty quickly which hasnt been the case since summer either.

If their team ends up as you described above by the end of next window then I think people would change their tunes.

Bro forgot Nkunku


Hopefully one day we start beating this club to proper signings instead of signing their washed up junk in their 30s for final pay days.


Although that’s a lot of money just to get a Europa League place. :grinning:

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Dunno why anyone thinks Osimhen is going to Chelsea next season, he’s hero worshipped in Naples right now and why would he leave a club straight after winning the league title which hasn’t been achieved for over 30 years and also winning the champions league for the first time :crossed_fingers:for a club with a chaotic project which may not even get into Europe.

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