When Ken Bates sold Chelsea to Roman Abramovich the game changed and it’s the slow death . How can any player honestly be worth 110 million pounds . It’s a corrupt environment now.
There will be some high profile clubs go bankrupt before long.
All I hope is Chelsea fail to qualify for a European place of any description.


People keep mentioning this as the starting point for the crazy fees and forget that it was Real Madrid who actually started it in 2000! 60m euros for Figo in 2000 followed by 73m for Zidane in 2001. You can imagine how much money that is worth nowadays!

People say it every decade tbh.

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Madrid were/are seen as the pinnacle of all clubs though and did crazy one off signings.

Chelsea started the fuck it let’s sign a whole new squad for 250m process. Definitely changed the game when Roman came in.

Anyway with that squad above it assumes they spend another 250m in summer, all their signings hit and players like Fofana stay fit when they haven’t been available all season. Never mind that 50m Sterling is benched, 90m Havertz will still start at CF and they won’t even be in Europe.

Chelsea can spend a billion and still be shit.


Beat them to Jesus tbf


True that was a rarity and thank fuck.

That’s true but Real Madrid are arguably the best supported club in Europe, who are famous for playing entertaining attacking football.

Chelsea were a mid table club, going broke, that got taken over by Russian crook who bought them a few titles, playing boring but effective football.

Massive clubs like Real Madrid and Man U might spend big to buy the best players, like Ferguson regularly did but at least it was money generated by their supporters.

Clubs like Chelsea, Man City and PSG have dodgy owners who have inflated prices to a ridiculous level.


Sorry but I have to disagree. Madrid play shit football lol.

And the money for the transfers back then were bank loans from Perez bank connections not fans generated.

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That’s fair enough but although Madrid might not play great football now they did when they had players like Zidane, Carlos, Figo, Raúl, Makélélé, etc.

It’s true that they borrowed money but a club of their stature deserve great players.
Chelsea supporters deserve no more than mid table mediocrity.

I can only agree to this


Stature. Really. They are a famous club but come on one of the most privileged clubs backed by royalty and a dictator for years.
Come on now. Some context here.


Exactly this. I don’t understand the respect this team gets when it has been one of the most corrupt teams since it’s beginnings.

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It’s all obscene now.
I’d love to see Chelsea go bang


Yep fascist bastards


The exchange rate on those 15 points from Serie A equates to about 3.4 points in the Premier League.

A worthwhile investment from CHELSEA SHIT


If they pay the RC for Enzo they’re so fucked.

Come on Todd. Do it, you coward.

Ugh, they’re drooling over Chelsea and Todd over at Fabrizio’s stream.

They have zero excuse not to go deep in the CL and get Top 4 this season btw.
Next season they should be challenging at all fronts.

Why do reporters rarely mention FFP when they talk about Chelsea or Man City and their ridiculous spending, yet when we spend they talk about us having to sell in order to avoid it breaking the rules.

Who makes the FFP rules up anyway?
The Chelsea and Man City owners?


Did they give Enzo a 10-year contract to avoid FFP punishment?

Indeed. Accounting for transfer fee by spreading the cost over the length of the contract. This way the fee will comes to around £12m per year and effectively, Chelsea just have to make up that cost through sales every year.

I use to do similar on Football Manager 2010. Arsenal would always start with a transfer budget of £26m. The only way to maximise the budget was to buy players using the pay in monthly instalments over 48 months.