Which will mean no Tielemens for us.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Probably no Madders for Newcastle and whoever else is interested.
They’re a bit fucked with Youri because he’ll walk for free in less that 12 months.

Man, we better tie Saliba down to a deal…


What pisses me off with Chelsea doing this is that they now set a precedent. Just like how Roman did.

This type of shit should have repercussions as it totally unbalances the market. I bet they’ll give him ridiculous wages to go with it. Same with Frenkie.

How do I wish these cunts went bang a few months ago.

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Brighton have got nearly 140m from selling White, Bissouma and Cucurella but they don’t seem to be giving that amount to Potter to invest in replacements?


Total lack of ambition.

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They bought in some forward from Paraguay from a quick looking up and that’s it.

Pics of your bedroom walls or it didn’t happen.

Another lookalike for you @Joshua

I’m a dime a dozen in the looks department. Mere didn’t marry me for that.




Their backline is suspect. Gaping holes to run into on the break and shit marking on set pieces. I think we’ll get joy at the Bridge again this season if our front line is fit.

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A really bad tie for them
Lucky Spud bastards

Looks like Kante did his hamstring towards the end of the match.

Great result. For Arsenal.


I do think this performance has reminded some that they shouldn’t be discounted though.

I didn’t expect this performance from them and it looks like they’re about to spend another 200m on players before the window closes.

Tuchel likes to self-destruct but that’s a quality squad still.