Charlton Athletic Thread

since the restart Charlton have moved out the relegation zone and are 4 points clear, 3 matches, 2 wins and a draw (also 3 clean sheets) :slight_smile: good to see from CAFC

I agree. By the way, what is your opinion on Lyle Taylor refusing to play?

he’s always thought that Charlton was below him tbh, comes accross that way anyway, so this hasn’t really surprised me with his contract running out and not wanting to play for us again

we will miss him because he’s been decent but no player is bigger then a club and we will move on

Yep. But to be honest, since the restart you haven’t missed him at all. You’ve done so well

Not gonna lie though, you were in big trouble before hand, and I thought he was a knob for refusing to help you out. Still do think that. I got in to argument in the football league thread, with @Stroller I think ? I thought he was selfish for not honouring his contract at least

I think it’s selfish as well but that seems to be how he is, could see a lower prem club moving for him, think he would do alright as well

Yeah a low Prem team who don’t care if their players turn up or not.

He seemed to think he was going to Rangers. Wants to work for a manager who captained a team that didn’t win the league.

from his point of view he’s 29 or 30 and has always played in the lower leagues, wants to finally step up before it’s to late, still should have helped us finish the season at least before he leaves

Yeah, I understand why he did what he did. I just don’t agree with it.

That was probably his level anyway. He could have been a legend.

he’s no darren bent

Ah he was awesome.

It’s always me and you chatting. Why are you up at this time?

you’re my favourite on here that’s why, and I’m always a late stayer upper, same question to you?

Aw, so cute. I’m a big fan of you too.

End of the month for me. Deadlines for my writing/editing. I always get a little excited on deadline day.

don’t do a panic buy like arsenal and kim kalstrom

The only random buys I ever do are books or trainers. Both are good things, I think.

at least you use them unlike arsenal with kalstrom

He scored an important goal

that he did


Don’t remember him at all :joy::joy::joy::joy:

He can’t have been there long