Charlton Athletic Thread

Well I know you’ve all missed it and I’m really pleased to say it’s finally back and better then ever, now you can all talk about the second best team in the world again :wink: the mighty Charlton Athletic

After the disappointing relegation last season from the championship we are looking to bounce straight back up at the first time of asking.

We didn’t get of to the best of starts in League 1, but we’ve won our last 2 matches and are hopefully kicking on from that with the new manager and transfer in and out.

I will continue to update everyone as the season goes on like I did on the old OA, not that anyone cares though :slight_smile:

What is the attendance like for Charlton down in league one LTG?

We have only played twice at home this season but according to BBC Sport we had 9 thousand and 11 thousand

not that anyone cares but Charlton had a kind of average season after getting relegated the season before, they finished 13th and it should have been a lot lower but they won a few games and picked up some points in the last couple of months, We were just outside the playoffs near the start and then went down just above the relegation zone but they ended up finishing strong. Really hope next season we can go back up


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that’s the second time you’ve mugged me off tonight


I’ve missed you. This is how I show affection. :slight_smile:

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treat them mean and keep them keen, or whatever it is

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That’s it, you got it

at least @Cristo cares, I only need 1

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Having a really great season so far but mainly in the last few months especially, racking up wins after wins and pushing for second place but most likely a guaranteed play off spot, really hope they get promoted to the Championship after coming close last season.


What a bump :slightly_smiling_face:

haha almost 2 years, funny thing is they are in pretty much the same situation

going into the second leg of the play offs tonight 2-1 up against doncaster, they will be in the championship next season because they are on a really great run, hope so anyway

Please beat Sunderland


I’ve always hated Doncaster, I remember years ago when they knocked arsenal out the fa cup, 3-3 going into extra time in this game

You’re going to hate them more now :eyes:

When the red red robins go bob bob bobbing along


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When was this mate.

not sure of the year