Charlton Athletic Thread

I think Luke imagined it :poldi: We’ve only lost to them once and that was over 100 years ago :smiley:

(No Jade, I wasn’t there for that one :wink: )

It must have been that 2005 game in the carling cup, I’m sure we lost though

We were about be knocked out of the competition, when Gilberto scored pretty much the last moment of extra time. Game went to penalties and we went through. It was a very scrappy performance, back at the old Belle Vue ground.

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I remember being at my nans

If Donny had a win over us Len would of told us all about it on the old site im sure.

so so so happy, got back from work at just before 5 and turned on ssn to see it was 1-1 in the 90th minute, went for a wee, had a drink and let the dogs out for a wee and then came back just in time for the guy to say “there has been a goal at wembley” and to my delight it was Charlton :slight_smile: another step closer to being back in the Prem, next season we should be aiming for the top half of the table and then push on from that over the next few years

@Cristo after a few bad years off the pitch, we’ve delivered on the pitch, CAFC :slight_smile:


The next series of 'Sunderland ‘til I Die’ is gonna be sick

So chuffed for Charlton, this is massive for them. Hope they’re able to make the most of the promotion and build on it, I want to see them back in then prem!

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loved this video

🎥 “I am so proud of you...”

Watch Lee Bowyer’s speech to his players in the dressing room after an incredible day at Wembley... #cafc

— Charlton Athletic FC (@CAFCofficial) May 26, 2019

could be a good signing, former arsenal player that has gone on to have a nice career in the lower leagues

two nice gk shirts from Charlton, looking forward to seeing the home and away kits as well