Charlton Athletic Thread

hopefully we will have more of an impact at Charlton then

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I remember him. He was part of Casa Amor. He kissed Maura, but for some reason she chose that drip Marvin.

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Had a feeling he would have been a casa amor islander haha

Big game for Charlton tonight @LTG I’m gonna watch it seeing as the Premier League are depriving us today

you have a soft spot for Charlton, don’t you?

Nah not really. I think they’ve had a raw deal lately though.

Lyle Taylor was officially released today and so was long time right back Chris Solly, was at Charlton for over a decade in the first team

well this was a sad sad day for Charlton, up and now straight back down

Aren’t the Charlton owners useless?

kick a man in the balls when he’s down

It’s what I do.

the charlton ownership is actually confusing

Another set of fans fucked over by the EFL

was just reading a charlton forum and saw a guy with a Charlton badge for his avatar (makes sense it being a charlton forum) and honestly thought it was me for a second, was thinking to myself “I don’t remember posting on here” messed with my head :slight_smile:

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well this sucks and is completely unfair, should have been deducted from this season just like Wigan and Charlton would have stayed up

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