Cesc Fabregas

Works both ways. If you like him, then you should support him making the best decision for his career.

Instead people expect Fabregas to be like “nah I’m not going to go to a city I feel at home in and win trophies. Instead I’ll take a big pay cut and go play for some no mark team in the middle of Germany just so some petty Arsenal fans don’t have a hissy fit.”

He has said numerous times that he wanted to come back to Arsenal. He said he had already told people he was coming back here, and he didn’t talk to other clubs for a while because he was waiting for Wenger to get back to him… which of course he never did.

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Good on Wenger.

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Wenger not re-signing him is, for my money, one of the biggest mistakes he ever made as Arsenal manager. Cesc in a midfield actually surrounded by talent rather than having to carry it all himself could have been spectacular and quite honestly we might have had enough to win that title in 2016 had he been here.

And once we didn’t re-sign him, frankly he could do what he wanted.


This is why we didn’t need him. We had a stacked midfield and we had Ozil who was better than him.

Midfield wasn’t what cost us the league in 2016. It was our attack

Completely agree, it was and still is an unrealistic expectation to think Cesc turns down the biggest pay check available at a top tier team, in a city that his family are comfortable in because he loves a club who have told him that they don’t want him back.

You don’t go from Barcelona to a Serie A team or Bayern.

I think it’s his biggest mistake closely followed by RVP and Alonso.

He gifted Chelsea the title and cost us getting one of the world’s best players for a knockdown fee.

He chose Wilshere over Cesc. Unforgivable.

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Fabregas played as a false 9 a lot at Barca and he was pretty good at it actually, it was certainly something we could have worked with perhaps.

I personally think Wenger was still pissed with the way certain players left the club, especially someone like Fabregas.

Btw, not sure if it was mentioned but Fabregas did confirm Chelsea wasn’t the only club that was interested in him and he had offers from other clubs. He essentially said the reason he joined Chelsea really was the talk he had with Mourinho.


I agree.
Wenger is an intelligent person so he should have realised that all his top players left because of him.

Almost every transfer window we would sell our best players and replace them with someone who was almost always significantly inferior although to be fair, Cesc had started his career at Barcelona and they were the best team in Europe.

But all our other top players continually wanting to leave was because of Wenger’s lack of investment and the fact we were going nowhere.

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No it doesn’t. That’s the difference between a supporter and a player.

I’ve already said I understand the decision he made and it was probably the best for him. But I can never consider him part of that group of players I’d really love anymore. It’s a stain on his reputation for me.

That said he would :100: get clapped if he ever showed up at the Emirates.

He’d get the clap, yes

David please. This is a family friendly board.

I apologise

Starting to get the impression that you don’t like Francesc much?!

Only if it’s a Francesinha.

Those are belting @Jesseviolin

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They’ve even put his initials on his bottoms :heart_hands:


Would be incredible if he came home


Cesc was arguably the best player of the Emirates era. Shame he couldn’t win a trophy with us, as it would’ve been quite rightly deserved. Though you could argue if he’d stayed a bit longer when we signed Sanchez and the likes, the team would’ve been good enough to win the title. But I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Had Thierry Henry not missed a one on one against Victor bloody Valdes he would have.


He did win the FA Cup with us in 04/05


Doesn’t the fa cup win in 2005 count?

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