Cesc Fabregas

Very small chance of this ever happening but would love him back here.

Cazorla replacement?

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Nah would have liked him 3 years ago but not now, he’s nearly 30 and only going to decline from this point on.


All that time fart arsing around with youth projects… the one fucking dude it worked with, and we just leave him to go chelsea. ffs


Will never happen ever ever

Hell score the winner at Wembley

All is forgiven. GET IT DONE.

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Absolutely no chance of happening. If Wenger didnt bring back cesc before, he certainly won’t do it now whilst under pressure. Too stubborn to admit wrong once let alone twice.


I will never understand why we didn’t bring Cesc back in 2014. I know people thought him, Carzola and Özil would’ve been all too similar, but just think of the squad depth.

He’s showed for Chelsea how class he is, and no doubt he would’ve improved our team. Silly decision


Old player, perfect for an Europa League club :wenger:. Not gonna happen though.

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But is he really under pressure? If so, by who, certainly not the fans or the media or the board. May be his own self? I don’t know. He doesn’t strike me as someone feeling the pressure. He isn’t happy with what’s going on but I wouldn’t say he is feeling the pressure.

I love Cesc Fàbregas and I would like to see him again with our colours, but before to blame Arsène, anyone remember who were our attacking options on midfield when Chelsea signed him? Ozil, Cazorla and Aaron Ramsey after 16 goals scored and 10 assist.

Anyone remember what type of player was needed and which everyone has asked (and hasn’t been bought)? A defensive midfielder.


But what about Ramsey and Wilshere??

Not sure if serious.

He’s clearly under pressure. His demeanor in interviews, the players losing confidence in him, the fans constantly on his back more than ever, no CL for the first time in 20 odd years. Yes he gets paid mega bucks and will probably be offered another contract (if he hasnt already) but he still loves the club and I cant see him sleeping like a baby at the moment. Especially in this period where the future is majorly uncertain. Forget what he says in the media, just look at him on the bench holding his stomach like he needs to lay one. The guy is feeling it.

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Perhaps they can lace his boots.
Wilshere can do the left and Ramsey the right.


We certainly had other priorities back then and at least hope that some of the younger players would make it. Ramsey had his best season right before that summer, Jack was not completely a lost cause at the time, Arteta wasn’t dead on his leg quite yet, Cazorla not perma injured and something like a defensively minded midfielder was a bigger priority anyway. I know it’s fun pointing at the past but the situation back then was certainly more complicated than just simply adding him as squad depth and hoping that everything else would have just worked out.

Are they good enough for us?
Cesc is twice the player of these two.
We’ve put up with Rambo n Jack for years and they have offered nothing in return Chris to.
Get cesc, get rid of those two and start afresh.

Cesc is better than Ozil and is younger and injury free than Cazorla. I would like to buy him, but now, not three years ago when the perspectives were different.

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I was kidding haha get rid

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He’d bring the technical quality we’re lacking but he’s so slow these days you couldn’t pair him with Xhaka unless you dropped Ozil who maybe leaving.

The problem is Cesc is on 180k and won’t want to see a drop in salary. That and Chelsea rarely selling to us makes it a bit of a none starter.

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