Cesc Fabregas

He will not back home.

Arsène refused to sign him three years ago, Darren Dein is still his agent and earns over 180k at Chelsea, 29 years old.

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The only reason we didn’t sign him is because he broke Wenger’s heart and we all know Wenger’s ego comes way before the good of the club.


It would be a great signing.
Imagine a midfield of Cesc, Ozil and Sanchez.

Then all we would need is and a world class striker and a new manager to get them playing and we’re challenging for the title again.

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He is 30 years old, with a good career. Think he could ask for less.

Would bring good football back to Arsenal, which we’re lacking. Xhaka and Cesc together :heart_eyes:


Cesc would be a major liability in our broken ass midfield, sorry to burst your bubble.

The least mobile midfield in the history of world football.


He’s slower than Per on crutches lol.

I’m over Fabregas now, we need to be adding athleticism as well as quality to our midfield.

Naby Keita would be a pretty good signing as would Seri from Nice, pissed we didn’t go after Dahoud though.

The time to do this was when he left Barcelona. No chance now.


The more I think about it the more I believe not bringing Cesc home was Wenger’s greatest modern blunder.

I can’t speak for everyone but having Cesc come back to us at a point when it looked like we were turning a page could have been magic. I never hated Cesc until he joined Chelsea and unlike RVP and Nasri he genuinely seemed like a true Arsenal player.

It’s sad that Wenger couldn’t get past his own hubris and let us have the prodigal son fairytale for the sake of 30 million but at the same time you reap what you sow.

Wenger has no-one but himself to blame when he looks at all this cringey WengerOut shit plastered all over London.


Creating chances and good football outweighs that, esp v small teams who just defend.

Having an immobile midfield in the most athletic and physically demanding league in Europe is akin to footballing suicide.


He’d be a capable Ozil replacement should we lose him. It’d save us a lot of hassle gambling on the market.

And he’s homegrown so we could let some British players leave.

Might give a fuck in a derby too.

I don’t see him as a Ozil replacement I wouldn’t want him playing #10 tbh for us and he is way too slow to cut it in a midfield when played alongside the likes of Xhaka.

His time at Arsenal is done, don’t see a way back for him in the near future.

I think any suggestion he’d have any particular loyalty or passion for Arsenal is long gone.

He’s the kind of signing the board might try to make as a crowd pleasing move without accomplishing anything or parting with truly huge money. No chance it happens though in my book.

We have players to work in midfield like Ramsey.

So really, pressure that he is putting on himself due to the lack of results in the recent couple of months. Yes, that is pressure, but nothing compared to pressure a manager who has a board to answer to would feel, or someone who the majority of the fans have turned against would feel. Wenger has the board in his pocket, and the majority of the fans still want him here. Isn’t that why the general feeling is that he will continue. Any other club, any other manager, the feeling would be that he is gone unless he turns things around. That is pressure. With Wenger, he knows things will carry on as is, no matter what. Anyway, we digress.

Back to the topic of discussion, I don’t think Cesc is the answer but I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger does sign him up. Would be typical of him choosing the cheaper, tried and tested option.

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I’d definitely say he’s under pressure from fans and the media.

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Very, very debatable.


If you mean that he is aware that some sections of the fans want him gone, then for sure, he does know that. But does he feel that the majority of the fans want him gone, am not sure. I mean, when you look around the stadium after a game, do you honestly feel like 80% or 60% or even 50% of the fans in the stadium are protesting against him, vociferously? I just see a few with banners, spread across the stadium (I might be completely wrong cause I am only going by what little I see on TV). That is not real pressure from fans. Now, that doesn’t mean that the ones without the banners want him to stay, but if they are silent, then they aren’t really making him uncomfortable are they? That’s what I meant.

As for the media, yes, I guess most of the senior journalists and quite a few pundits have been critical of him and think he should leave, so yes, there is pressure from there. What I meant was that that pressure is more of an irritant. It’s not pressure that makes him nervous, that makes him question what he is doing. It’s just something that he would rather avoid.

I didn’t word that right. Like I said above, I meant the majority of the fans aren’t making their displeasure obvious. It’s only a few that a participating in the marches, or banners or singing or whatever. So while there might be many who don’t want him anymore, only a few are expressing that in the open.