Cesc Fabregas


Cesc’s been busy in the gym this summer then :eyes: Fucking size of them arms!


oh @Calum I got excited because I thought we had been linked with a return for him


Cesc Fabreguns


Cescy Fabreguns



He is gonna become a wrestler in the future :mustafi:


It’s Cesc Fabregas.


Suck it @Castiel


That’s the kind of content I’d expect from @Persona

Did he pm and compliment you on this post already?


That’s the most homoerotic picture I’ve ever seen


Well done on living such a sheltered life :smile:


Na, I know someone people adore them but I can’t stand snakes.


Oooooo he went there.


I’d suck his dick


of course you would, you big gay bear.


Coming to the latter stages of his career and looking after himself well. Thats how you prolong your career. Take note Rooney


Is that Pedro he is screwing in that picture? Doesn’t look like Pedro is enjoying it, not as much as Cesc for sure.


Cesc Fabigras


Cesc’s favourite fitness equipment, for yet another season, is going to be the bench,


I might have been exaggerating for effect. I’m actually quite into my gay porn


:hipster: :xhaka: