Cesc Fabregas

Well he definitely would have made us better for sure.

2nd only behind Henry for best arsenal player I’ve seen.

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Fabregas leaving for Barca was the ultimate cunt thing to do. Pair that with the fact that he forced his way out and we got about half of what he was worth only makes it worse. Fabregas was the best player I’ve seen for us, but yeh since he’s a massive cunt, it ruins it a bit for me. Best player but not my favorite. I would also prefer Özil cuz he’s a better person.

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Well yeah. Because cunt Ramsey had a pretty decent 13/14 season and got ‘rewarded’. Which also meant that Wenger probably thought he wasn’t needed.

I don’t share that sentiment for the record, Ramsey is shit and was shit, but the fact that we had Ozil and Cazorla did make signing Fabregas not logical. Defensive midfielder, winger, centre forward…were all poor. We started Flamini in 15-20 odd games for fucks sake.

Short memory syndrome.

We had a plethora of midfielders at the time. Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere. How on earth were we going to shoehorn the cunt back in?

In fact, even at the time I can recall our fanbase being split because they either didn’t want him or thought him to be surplus to requirements or both.

Wenger’s right, if he fucked off in the first place, he doesn’t deserve a route back in

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Lol he was better than any midfielder we had when he was here or since he left. Shoehorn him back in…this is why we continually failed, because we made do instead of improving.


I remember at the time Chelsea fans used to sing that song “Fabregas is magic, he wears a magic hat, he could have gone to Arsenal, but he said fuck that…”

When the truth is he practically begged to come back, but Wenger said no.

But having said that, I remember at the time that I did want him back. I know we still would have had to pay for him, but he still would have walked into our midfield.

You’ve made the mistake in trying to say something positive about Fabregas to @DavidHillier

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We had Cazorla and Ozil for both the positions he played. Maybe not on his level, but definitely not far from it either. I’d think the fact that Mertesacker, GIroud, Szczesny and Coquelin/Flamini formed the rest of our core was a bigger problem.

Not better than Cazorla or Ozil.

This is what I mean about short term memories. At the end of the 2014 season, we were in good shape- we didn’t need the cunt.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. We can blame all our failings after 2014 on not signing the cunt. :man_facepalming:

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It was definitely a bigger problem. Yes.

I think the mistake is just saying something positive on this forum at all

For the record. You think Cazorla wasn’t top class and should have been replaced with Cesc?

Nothing to do with post 2014. We always made the mistake of not improving going back way before that. By all means have your own narratives but don’t try dictate others.

Not dictating others.

You’re of the opinion Fabregas was better than any midfielder we’ve had since then.

He wasn’t/isn’t.

I see no reason we couldn’t have played them together and Ozil too as part of a front three. Thanks for asking tho and not assuming :+1:

In a straight choice of the two though, I’d go Fabregas. But there’s no reason that choice actually had to be made.

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I wanted Fabregas back and he was a top player, but even if we did sign him we’d still have our 16 year league title drought we currently have.

Also I don’t think 2015-2018 Cesc is better than 2015-2018 Ozil if that’s the other agrument, much of a muchness.


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