Cesc Fabregas


Convenient excuse for not actually winning games when it counted.

In 2002 we had plenty of injuries going into the end of the season. We still won the double.

In 2008, we shit the bed

What about the 1-1 game at home in the league?

If we want to win the league, we should be winning that.

Again, bottling bastards.

I’ll concede I think it was the draws vs Villa, Wigan and Boro following that Birmingham game that cost us the league, should have at least won 2 of those.

The European tie vs Liverpool we just got completely robbed though, the better side lost.


It’s not an excuse. That season we had basically a squad of just 16 players. With major injuries of Rosicky, van Persie and Eduardo. At least when Pires got injured in 01/02, Wiltord could fill in.

Just because you hate Fabregas, you don’t have to rewrite history.


In 2002, Henry and Bergkamp also got injured at crucial times, in crunch games. Adams as well.

I went to the Birmingham game as well as the Man United cup game the weekend after. We can’t blame injuries for inept performances (and being there, it was all too clear we didn’t have the mental capacity to win trophies)

Arsenal bottled it.

As for rewriting history, it appears you’re doing that by putting Fabregas on a pedestal as a demi-God. In my experience back then, Arsenal fans didn’t think a team with Fabregas in the middle could win us the league.

Henry and Bergkamp played 33 and 33 games in the League that season. Rosicky, van Persie and Eduardo played 18, 15 and 17 games. Whilst we had a lot less depth. How is that not crucial?

I’m not putting Fabregas on a pedestal. I’m saying that your hate for him is blinding of what he and that team could do. Which he has shown at Chelsea in 14/15. Won the League with him as creative hub on their midfield. 19 assists.


And I’m saying he isn’t the kind of player we needed at that time to win a league.

I’m not resorting to the lazy opinion pundits had at the time “Arsenal have been sussed” “their team is too short” “there are no leaders out there for them”. However, it was clear that we weren’t going to win the league due to a lack of mental fortitude. Fabregas is part of that bracket, not outside it.

Chelsea is a weird example. They still had winners all over the pitch. Terry, Cole, Lampard. He wasn’t the driver. It’s no surprise that the only trophy Fabregas won with us is when he was surrounded by Invincibles.

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In that regard Lehmann, Gallas, Toure and Silva should have carried Arsenal. But the experienced Gallas had the biggest meltdown in that Birmingham game. Yet you still find a way to put that on Fabregas.

No, I’m saying we’re conveniently saying Fabegas wasn’t a bottler. While he didn’t have a visible Gallas like breakdown (something @Craigie reminds us of whenever he posts :wink:) we can’t just say he deserved to win the league. He was part of a team that couldn’t win the league. That’s on his shoulders (no more, no less) than the others on the pitch

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I’m saying that you can’t admit, because of your hate, that there were circumstances beyond their control (again Rosicky, Persie and Eduardo all played less than 20 games that was 2/3 of our striking force and we had no proper creative midfielders on the bench) as to why they didn’t win the League. Not because they bottled it.

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If you’re 5 points ahead at the beginning of February and can’t win the league, you’ve bottled it.

That was the narrative back then and it continues to be the general thought (outside Arsenal circles) to this day.

There are bigger bottle jobs out there but Arsenal 2008 is generally considered as one

Of course. Because they don’t know fuck all of everything that was going on that season. Eduardo leg break, small squad etc. What they do is apply 10/11 and 15/16, those were bottle jobs, on 07/08. Like it’s all the same. It isn’t.

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We do, though.

We associate the Birmingham City game not only for Eduardos leg break but Hlebs inability to shoot at goal and Clichys brainless challenge in the box to give away a last min penalty.

All part of the bottle job

That’s a nonsense though mate. Chelsea weren’t close to the title until they signed Fabregas and Costa. Both were the catalyst to pull them over the line

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And the game after the Birmingham game we played with Diaby, Cesc, Flamini and Hleb on the midfield and Adebayor and Walcott as CFs. Seriously lacking in the creative department and those injuries had influence on our game. We felt the abscense of Eduardo immediately.


To add to Rosicky, Van Persie and Eduardo injuries… If I remember correctly Flamini (who was very important that season) got injured somewhere after that too and also missed the crucial part of the season… Sagna also got injured somwhere towards the end of the season.

We were seriously crippled in that decisive part of the season.

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Apparantly he played his 800th game as a pro this weekend. These dudes make me feel old.


That passing ffs.


Looks like a worldy, can we sign him?

The second pass in that videos is flat out disgusting, wish he never left man ;(

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