Cesc Fabregas


No I’m not Fabregas was a much better player than Ljungberg and Vieira. Here an 18yo Fabregas completely dominates Juventus and Vieira


Lol I sincerely hoped you wouldn’t pull that game out from the doldrums. Only the most blinkered Cesc fanboy would consider a one off game as an argument for Fabregas to be a better midfielder than Vieira.

By that reckoning, should we consider Phil Neville to be a better midfielder than Vieira? He totally outplayed him in our away game at Old Trafford in November 2002. That 90 minutes is better than whatever Vieira could ever possibly do for us.

Anyway, I’m clearly not winning this and I’m going to get some kip. To go full circle, I doubt even 1 per cent of Arsenal fans would even consider Fabregas as our greatest ever player, let alone our greatest ever midfielder


That was a sensational performance though. So what should we compare? Assists? Goals? Because Vieira is getting embarrassed there. I’ve conceeded what Vieira was better at and they brought different abilities to the team.

Like I say I consider Henry to be our best player but the level Fabregas played at while we lost our best players every year is another level to nearly any Arsenal player in history. Nearly every Arsenal fan will consider him one of our best ever players.

Also clubs fans are often bitter when a player leaves early. For instance United fans rate Giggs and Scholes over Beckham and Keane. But when they all played together nearly everyone rated Keane and Beckham higher and more important. Fans are still bitter that Fabregas moved to the best club in the world and his boyhood club from an Arsenal team who insisted on selling it’s best players every year and not replacing them. If Cesc never left he’d definitely be in the argument for best ever player right now.