Cesc Fabregas


None of them would of won any trophies if they swapped places with Cesc bar just maybe Henry. Some of our best counter attacking goals were from Cesc’s long passes. You can’t blame him for a change in system and Wengerball was arguably at it’s best when Cesc was at the heart of it.


Well I am old enough for this comparison and you’re having an absolute laugh rating Paul Merson over Cesc Fabregas


There’s no way of knowing this because it’s all hindsight. I think they would “of” won trophies, but, again, that’s just opinion.

We played some good football in 06/07 from my recollection (a dazzling display at Reading comes to mind) but there was no way that any season while we had Cesc produced better football than 1990/91, 97/98, 2001/02, 02/03 or 03/04


No I’m not. Merson was arguably better


Paul Merson to me is just a joke pundit haha


Yes but the person making this argument would have needed to drink a whole bottle of whisky first having no inhibition or concern about how ridiculous they sound in making such an argument


He was a great player. His punditry is awful


Lol I wondered how long it would take your “argument” to fall into idiocy.

That was quicker than normal


Fabregas had worse teammates and passed to worse forwards than Vieira was passing to, that’s pretty obvious.

And no the 97/98 team didn’t play nearly as good football as the Cesc years and are you genuinely trying to argue that 90/91 side produced more attractive football than the Cesc, RVP, Hleb, Rosicky, Nasri, Arshavin days? Really?


Remind us how Merson was better than Fabregas again.


If Fabregas was our greatest ever player, would he have got into our invincibles team?


from all the years I’ve been supporting Arsenal (not enough to fully appreciate players like Pires and Bergkamp) so I can’t count them in this, Fabregas would be my second best player I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt behind Henry and then RVP in 3rd place. He was my favourite player for a long time and personally I would count him as an Arsenal legend, I have to admit that i sign him with arsenal every season on fifa career mode


Fabregas was the first player I saw as an arsenal fan that made his way from being a promising youngster to world class for us


I wasn’t trying to say that Ramsey has been a better player than Cesc, Cesc is clearly the superior footballer.

As for the best Arsenal midfielder I’ve seen, that goes for PV for mine.


Yes he would, you accommodate him someway or another. Whether it’s Vieira/Fabregas and dropping Gilberto or more likely move to a 4-3-3 with Cesc, Vieira and Gilberto in the midfield 3 behind Bergy, Pires and Henry.

It’s a pity we didn’t hang onto Vieira to play the 3 man midfield earlier but I still think that sale was partly due to stadium financing.


Yes sorry, I was kind of replying to multiple people and a couple seemed to give Ramsey more loyalty/legendary credit because A) He wasn’t good enough to move to a better team and B) He ran his contract down to leave on a free

I’d rate Fabregas over Vieira but tbf they have completely different strengths. Vieira isn’t close to Cescs passing and vision and Cesc isn’t close to Vieira’s power, pace, defending and close ball control. Like I say, if only they played together for longer.


There is no way we would have won as many games as we did if we accommodated Fabregas seemingly by dropping Ljungberg.

There is also the suggestion that you’d go either Fabregas or Vieira which, for the Invincibles team, (and with the greatest respect possible) is absurd

It’s Vieira all the way. I think you’re reaching a little


Ramsey wins on the loyalty aspect of it. Not on the quality element of the argument. He chose us over Manchester United. While we don’t know where he’ll go in the future, he doesn’t appear to be moving to a domestic rival.


First and only then as no one has done it since. :frowning:


Cesc didn’t either. Chelsea could be very well his best/only option at the time. Real Madrid wasn’t an option clearly. Bayern and Juventus had enough midfield options.