Cesc Fabregas


You mean the contract that was there for him to sign, but he chose not to sign?

Fair play to him, he’s played a PR blinder. Gets himself a good move to a good club with a good salary, and also manages to convince Arsenal fans he was willing to stay all along and was forced out by the corporate machine.

I bet @BradyMagic is sat in some pub frothing at the mouth right now.


Those cup final goals give Ramsey way too much credit. He never “won us two cups”. Those were sizeable team efforts to even reach that point with several huge contributions throughout the side.

Putting away two glorious chances doesn’t change the fact that Ramsey’s been a massive disappointment at Arsenal considering the obvious talent he possesses. He never allowed himself to become an all-round intelligent midfield player because of his shitty football brain and ego.

If all it takes to be an Arsenal legend is win a domestic trophy, the likes of Fabregas, van Persie and Sanchez can rest pretty easy not having that tag. Those players were consistently putting in world class performances win or lose. Fuck Ramsey.


He feels like a lost son, someone supposed to be the chosen one, the club icon etc bla bla and it’s sad it never turned out like that, but that is all I see when I see him. Out of the mixed bag of emotions, the one that persists is just… sad it turned out like this. Funny that he joins Henry at Monaco though. Would be even more funny if big W joined them lol they could start an Arsenal graveyard over there :unai:


The reason Ramsey gets more credence than Fabregas is because he’s always been professional. Even in the manner he’s leaving, he’s doing well. Playing for Arsenal, not putting in weird half-arsed performances and, for reasons that may be beyond his control, he’s leaving to go abroad.

I know Fabregas went abroad but let’s weigh it up. He was captain in his last season. He was never clear whether he wanted to stay or to go (never a good situation to leave your parent club in). He opted to sit in the stands with Pique at the Nou Camp during the 2nd leg of our QF with Barcelona. This was our captain who, injured or fully fit, should be in the trenches with our team, urging them on.

I just feel like Wenger invested a heck of a lot of time in Fabregas and, just when he was getting interesting, he upped and left. The manner in which he did so was unedifying. Would a club legend just so easily join a domestic rival just a few seasons later as well? (I know players don’t think like this any more, but it’s food for thought)

Ramsey has asked for a pay increase, not got it and is planning to move on while doing his job with his current employer in the meantime. It’s what all of us would do


Fabregas left in the manner he did because he had a 2 year tapping up campaign from the best team in the world.

I would bet the day Ramsey (or basically any player) is good enough for that to happen to him, he probably gets to a point where he just wants to go too.

Also I think it’s nonsense that he left when he was “just getting interesting”. He was starting for us in 2004, was IMO without a doubt the best player at the club the day Henry left in 2007 and he himself left 4 years later.

He gave us plenty of years and plenty of performances.


Lets not act if Ramsey HAD continued on a upward trajectory after 13/14 season he wouldn’t have snaked this club for an upward move, he was openly flirting with Real and Barca.

Let’s not forget the PR games with his contract. The guy is slimy


I’m not making stuff up. :confused:
This was what was reported at the time. We had a buy-back clause for Vela after two seasons. We wanted to activate as his market value was significantly higher than the fee we had to pay. Vela wanted no business with us and Sociedad wanted him to stay so they payed a fee to keep him there.
(Here’s a report: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/arsenal/10922727/Arsenal-receive-12-million-as-Carlos-Vela-agrees-new-four-year-deal-to-stay-at-Real-Sociedad.html)

This was in June. The month the Alexis rumours started really taking off. I remember there were reports of Arsenal waiting on the Vela money and yes, you are right, expecting to work something out with the money Barca owed us.


That’s true tbf. Ramsey made statements about wanting to play in La Liga at some point during that period.


I think the main difference between Ramsey and Cesc is that Cesc was consistently good and Ramsey has been inconsistent, having long periods of poor to average games.

Also Cesc was wanted by the only other team in Europe he wanted to play for, and we got a very good price for him.
We aren’t getting anything for Ramsey and he will pocket a large portion of that himself.


We did not get a very good price for Fabregas, we got shafted by at least €15-20m on that one.


It’s true we didn’t get probably the 40m or so he was worth because there were no other clubs in the running but he didn’t let his contract run down like Ramsey has done and the 35m or what ever it was we got for him was a lot of money then.

Cesc wanted to leave to play for the best team in Europe, and where he started his career, which I can understand.
I just think Ramsey thinks he is far better than he actually is.
I won’t miss him as a player like I did when Cesc left.


I agree with you’re saying to a certain degree, but calling the chance vs Hull glorious is a bit rich, personally I thought that was a great finish.


It was a bloody brilliant finish :+1:


He must have skyrocketed about 10 chances before that finish though.

Cesc defined an era and has an argument for being our best ever player. Everyone was gutted when he left and the team was in disseray. No one really caring about Ramsey moving for free in his prime says it all. It’s such a shame we brought in Welbeck, Debuchy and Chambers instead of bringing Cesc back. Getting Cesc and Ozil to defend together would of been a task I suppose.


No where near, pal.

In fact, you’re the only person I’ve heard say that


I’d with Henry but if people are throwing the likes of Vieira and Adams up then yes Fabregas has an argument. Our best ever midfielder over Vieira and Pires for my money.


No way is Ramsey a bigger player for Arsenal than Fabregas.


The proof’s in the pudding. While it isn’t all about trophies, Adams, Vieira, Bergkamp and Henry revolutionised our play for the better and won us trophies.

Fabregas effectively replaced Vieira and we stopped playing with counter attacking pace and intensity


Fabregas is the best midfielder I have watched for Arsenal. He’s definitely in our top 10 best ever players for me


No disrespect, but you’re very young and you haven’t been watching Arsenal for very long.

Paul Merson in his prime has more of a claim to be Arsenal’s greatest ever player than Fabregas