Cedric Soares

As said here :


Apparently he can play either flank? Is that true?

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@SDGooner :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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not particularly a signing to be excited about but 5 million is cheap for a back up, so can’t really complain

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I few years ago, whenever I watched him he looked extremely dangerous going forward, but now it seems he hasn’t done so well in the last couple of years… at least his current FIFA stats suggest that, that’s all I know.

5m, no obligation to buy because of free transfer in the summer. Do it.

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we loan all our signings because we po’


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Euro 2016 winner!

No idea if this is true but I like the idea of having a club option to sign him to a four year deal. If he seems like a player that can be our backup RB going forward, we sign him up (likely on pretty dirt cheap wages). If not, we just cut him loose.

With our financial restrictions, you need to find a way to solve certain positions very cheaply but its hard to rely on too many youth players at once. So deals like and Mari seem like smart business, allowing us to channel our financial resources to other needs.


So we’re paying £5m (in addition to his salary) for a 5 month loan? Am I reading that right? What kind of fucked up loan fee is that for Cedric fucking Soares?


You could say it’s a Soar one sol

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or you couldn’t


Siuuudric Siuuares ! Yesssss ! Finally we get our man ! :giroud2:

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Maybe that includes wages

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I was thinking the same. Horrible deal

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The rumor is that we have a club option to extend him on a four year contract. So its more like we’re buying him for 5m, giving him a four year deal, but can cut him loose this summer if we don’t like what we see.

I’d imagine he’ll be wanting a big signing on fee in the summer though. Maybe we’ve given him a big bump in wages for him to agree to that.

Why are we paying such a fee for a player that will be
a free agent in July?

In this event we’d be paying £5m for a 6 month rental for a back up RB?

I kinda feel we could have waited until the summer on this one, AMN is serviceable as back RB until then

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