Cedric Soares

most sources saying the £5 mil includes his wages from now on and agents fees.

Southampton have just completed Kyle Walker Peters on loan too

If I was a player I wouldn’t hire one of these greedy agents

probably better then Soares

Didn’t he score an absolute banger against us?

you could list loads of players that have :slight_smile: but I think you’re right, If I remember it was a smashing shot that curled right into the top corner

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No that was his brother Kyle Walker

Can he play on the left as well?

I think he’s talking about Soares in the cup last year or the year before


Why would you not hire an agent that will help put the most amount of money in your pocket?

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I would negotiate my own deals


Seems like a little bit of a strange signing.

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This is identical to the Debuchy signing out of nowhere.

yeah that’s true, only difference being was Debuchy was slightly better

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At the time, yes. Arguably the best RB in the league? Ended up being another fringe player.

I don’t think he’s ever been the best right back in the league, with Debuchy did we sign him to compete with Sagna or Bellerin? I can’t remember which one

We sold Sagna and replaced him with Debuchy, who kept Sagna on the bench for France.

These agents get you insurances and shit that make your career risk-free and allow you to take a chance of becoming a free agent to get a better deal or open up more choices for a move.
They also allow access to medical care if you believe the club medical team is not looking after you with the right intention.

We demonize agents but as a player you need someone who is looking after you, rather than the team.
Which onviously comes with the cost of agent fee or agents always wanting to move you from one club to another to get their investment back.


Sagna left on a free.

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The whole point is putting these worries to someone else. Tbf, most footballers aren’t known for their brains out of the field.