Arsenal transfers 24/25

Yeah, Soares does look like a good value. Selling AMN to raise funds is a good idea. I just can’t imagine we’re thinking that forward though, or playing the transfer game that much, but maybe that’s just years of our backwards work on the transfer market conditioning me. Maybe I just need to get used to the new realities of…



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If we do this I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving Mi Artetico

@Electrifying would be devastated

I didn’t think about that but yeh, even more reason we should do it.

I’d be ok with it if he’s not going to accept being a RB.

At least £20 mil tho


We all see there are more gaping holes in the squad that need to be fixed. But this is some low hanging fruit stuff.

The other stuff (finding a starting centre midfielder and left winger for example) you don’t do that easily in the winter window. Maitland-Niles is very average and offers nothing going forward etc.

Mari and Soares will help to plug the gaps in our defence until the summer. Neither are permanent signings so it preserves our transfer budget for the summer. If neither work out, both can leave at the end of the season. Bellerin is first choice at RB, but Soares isn’t a bad back up for him and is a better option than AMN as he is a natural RB. Mari could be an upgrade on our options at CB and can’t be any worse than Mustafi!


All that would make sense if we as a club had a history of utilising loan players properly.
Bar Benayoun i cant think of a good loan deal


Everyone keeps forgetting Henry!

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He was only here for a month though :ozil:

I would consider it a visit rather than a loan


Were Lehman and Sol loans or short term frees?

Both free transfers

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I really enjoyed having them both back even if they just did a job haha

Baptista was alright.


probably the best post in the history of OA

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looks like Soares isn’t the only Saints player we want

not good enough for us though

I read earlier that Spurs were making a move on him


He was great in the old FM days… haven’t followed him closely enough since his stint with Bayern, etc.

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