Cancel Culture and related issues

I mean no one mentions the amount of Hollywood movies that use Wagners music, the best case in point would be Charlie Chaplin’s use of his music in The Great Dictator which was a satire against Hitler.
The most recent use I can think of was The Army Of The Dead


Who? Pelvis?

Burning Love is legit one of my favourite-est songs ever.

I’m burning that record.

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Well Dennis Linde has written a fair amount of hits.

Woody Allen said it always made him feel like invading Poland.

If he had continuously made those remarks, then fine. But I’m not going to condemn someone for a remark they made nearly fifty years ago.

That was the point I was trying to make, a one off comment he made years ago which is probably now forgotten but is actually worse than for the comments he has recently said which he is being attacked for.

Fuck Woody Allen. Now that’s a guy who should get canceled.

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Gary Glitter is a vile nonce but I’d be lying if I said that the use of Rock and Roll Part 2 wasnt my favourite bit of Joker.


I was actually thinking this when I was writing the above post, definitely the coolest scene in the film

That sort of played in though to the character and gets a pass for me.

Rumour has it that because of the Gary Glitter association to the song, the director purposely chose it to make the audience feel even more uncomfortable with the awakening of The Joker.

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The issue of transwomen competing in female sports warrants its own thread I reckon, as it’s not really a cancel culture issue.

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Probably be a few thousand posts a week in it given all the encroaching going on so good shout.