Çağlar Söyüncü


We want to change clubs in the summer and we want to go for a club with higher goals.”

This clears it up. They just want to leave Freiburg really bad.

I’m pretty sure Dortmund isn’t going to happen either. With Akanji in January and Diallo now they got their centre backs.


Yep, this looks a bit beggy, do t think anything concrete is there, especially since Freiburg aren’t budging over the fee.

You guys were right


Off to Leicester for £22 m apparently

I guess he wasn’t enough of an old bum for our esteemed transfer bods. :xhaka:


Spending of these lower tier clubs is rising…,


That’s a decent price


Yep even Bournemouth are buying players for 25M now :joy:




Got him in the bag for 2 months, then he is off to another club :facepalm:.


We’ll snap Caglar up when Leicester get relegated.


The only angle that makes sense, especially with the Vida links, is that we’re happy with our crop of young CBs (Mav, Holding and Chambers - even Mustafi is only 26) and are looking for experience to help with the situation right now.

Of course, that view is somewhat complicated by us sending Chambers on loan, but that’s the only thing that half makes sense to me.


Maybe Sven has some other gems on his list that he will bring in during the course of the season. If that is the case, then we just need to make do for a season or two while we groom these youngsters. I don’t think Chambers and Mustafi have the confidence of Emery and the coaching staff but things can change, especially with Chambers as he is still very young.

As for Caglar Soyuncu, somehow, I just don’t think we have the money to spend.


Leicester agree £19m fee with Freiburg for centre-back Caglar Soyuncu, according to Sky sources.

Only 19m now. Kind of wish we had signed this fella. Hope we won’t rue it.


Really doubt this.


Apparently not doing so well at Leicester.

Positionally awful.

But, another school of thought is that his English speaking/understanding is terrible, hence his lack of starts


So disappointed with the lad. We paid 25m for this guy and we cant even play him given our CB injury situation. Needs to be sold in January.






Sven was apparently interested in him during the summer? but he ended up going to Leicester. He played in the BuLi for Freiburg. Apparently quite talented.

Tbh, Morgan and Maquire are both mainstays in that team so I’d expect him not to be getting much opportunity?


Tbf, most CBs initially find it incredibly difficult playing in the PL. And I’m not saying overall, but in the actual defending department.