Çağlar Söyüncü




Yes I copied and pasted the name. Am I fuck spelling that out.


Youth information


The real questions is, what’s his stance on Erdogan?




Çağlar Söyüncü



Sounds familiar lol


Oooh he’s my FM moneyball signing.

Great player.


Is he any good?


As much as it is essential that we sign good young defenders it’ll mean nothing if we don’t have the quality defenders and coaches that they can learn from.

No doubt in my that even though Rugani sits on the Juventus bench he’s probably learnt more playing with Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini and Buffon that when it comes time for him to step up the plate he’ll be considerably more accomplished than defenders of a similar age who haven’t had the good coaching or tutors.

In other words bring in a good fucking defender too.


I’m not sure two centre backs is on the books for this summer since we need players for other positions a bit more.


Lol confirmed Sven is just playing football manager to find our prospects :joy:


Signing a young defender means we are getting someone like Jardim? He is good with the young.




Of course it is




i guess we will see soon enough who is the party that is spouting shit.


I read we beat Bayern to it. Sven’s madness starting again! :henry2:


Great start in what I hope will be a big defence overhaul.

Though I think we won’t sign a new goalkeeper and stick with Ospina and Cech for another season. Hope I’m wrong.


But does Ospina want to stay here after the World Cup?

If we keep Mustafi he will be the senior defender (at the start of) next season with three 22-year old centre backs…


We need Sven to have a good Summer! This guy looks impressive and if Bayern are interested as well that’s a good sign. Maybe we can manage an overhall of our back five is we sign quality younger players alongside a couple with experience…