Çağlar Söyüncü




Bye bye Musatfi.


Heard is i a phenomenal tackler. Makes a mean Doner kebap aswell.



Turkish boy and Greek boy are going to create world peace in Arsenal’s back line, solve the Cyprus issue and show the British how it’s done.



Mavro and Caglar lifting the prem in may 2019, what a sight !


35 mil? That’s quite a lot for a rather unknown player.


Rather spend it on him than on another mustafi


Never heard of him. Arsenal are back!!


Border love






Good that he has Mustafi to learn from.


There’s Arsenal DNA and then there’s this :arteta:




I like him already


Another very young defender if true. Not against that at all, but I’m not confident in Mustafi leading these four guys.


Typical Arsenal signing, then.


“Arsenal are one of the most important clubs in England,” he said. “I know they’re interested in me, but there’s nothing finalized yet about my transfer"

“After the national team camp we’ll have talks"


Sockratis, Lichtensteiner and Soyunco then

No real top names, but hopefully Sven knows what he’s doing


Sokratis links have died down, and I hope they stay that way - dead.



Sounds like this is one that will pick up steam after the intl break.