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“I have chosen Atletico” :mustafi:


Whenever they mention us by name I get sceptical and think it’s just them and their agent trying to use us to drum up interest. As a club we prefer to operate in the shadows when it comes to transfers.


Exactly this. With Sokratis f.e. his name has been going about for a bit longer. But when it’s quotes from agents or players you pretty much know where we stand.


Considering Soyuncu and Sokratis are being considered as replacements for Kos, who has been arguably our best CB for several seasons, I just hope whoever is making these decisions knows what they are doing.

Whoever we buy is going to be our starting CB to partner Mustafi, so we need someone who is at the top level and I’m not convinced either of these two are anything more than squad players.


If we buy another cb I suspect Mustafi is gone. We have six central defenders, including Sokratis, at the club even if Koscielny is not available until november.


I find it a bit odd that we’re still scouting / information gathering despite apparently being close to bidding.

Surely we’ve been watching him for long enough that a couple of games for Turkey won’t make a difference to our overall perception of his ability?


Or while holding tabs we’re talking with club and player representatives at the same time? I wonder if that source is reliable anyway.


That’s true, but if Mustafi goes it will mean we have to buy two starting CB’s of better quality than Kos and Mustafa because Kos just can’t be relied on anymore.

Kos and Mustafi weren’t the best CB partnership, so if we don’t get some serious quality in, we will be down grading rather than strengthening an already weak position.

I think Mustafi will stay because it will be too disruptive to go into a new season with Chambers and a new underwhelming CB, and Emery will know this.


Our biggest inprovement defensively will not be personel chances. It will be what Emery will do with the team. For that reason I’m not as concerned who we will buy, if we buy another cb anyway.


Kos will be lucky to play decent football at this level ever again, shocking injury to suffer at the age he’s at.


We will not get rid of him anyway.


Yeah I know that, but I wouldn’t be considering him as a CB option is all I’m saying.


No, not until september hahaha.


Has anyone seen this soyuncuid guy play? Is he any good?


I don’t know, but what ever happens I don’t think we will be fighting off the elite clubs of Europe to get him :grinning:


I don’t think we’ll be fighting off the non elite clubs either


If these two showed their worth they would replace Mustafi immediately.


Yep, the sources are saying conflicting things. Telegraph claims we are going to bid £35m, but the other source saying we are still watching him.

Both probably garbage.


Would have expected Ornstein to have said something about this transfer.

Maybe it’s all shit


The way the player is name dropping us, very like to be just shit.