Çağlar Söyüncü


Comparison between Sokratis/Soyunku, our boys and VDV. Sokratis has the least mistakes and second best aerially after VDV and best tackles success rate wins a much higher percent of his duals than Kos/Mustafi. It’s not listed here but Sokratis gets dribbled past 0.3 times per game, Kosceinly 0.6 times per game and Mustafi 1 time per game. He has also been playing in an open attacking system and in the CL.

Right now I think we badly need a defender who doesn’t make mistakes, isn’t getting skinned and does win the ball in the air. He sounds exactly what we need.



This isn’t one of those players that gets linked to us throughout the whole window, only to then sign for Everton or someone on transfer deadline day is it?


Highlights from last night’s game v the mighty Iran. Not particularly telling, but he can do the basics, which is an improvement on Mustafi.


damn, against the mighty Iran


Fuck. Hoped for actual news.


Höw mäny ümaläts doës this guy hävë?!



I want this to happen badly cos this was my first thread I created in the Rumour Mill section.




Haha. My only success story in this regard was Ollie G on the old site.




His agent trying to get him out of Freiburg hard.


Surely Mustafi is off then.


It’s more than a little suspect when an agent is talking so much.

Time will tell.




Chambers I think


I know it is the DM but seems to quote his agent


that agent keeps running his big mouth. Its a classic sign that we wont sign souyuyuyuyncy,


Two signings in one week. It must be a record! :mustafi:


Apparantly the chairman of his former club has been quoted in saying that he will join Arsenal. Why he might know something you might think; they will receive 25% of the transfer fee. I’m wondering what the hold up is if this truely is happening.