Burnley v Arsenal (PL)








Oh my Fucking God.

Love it. Fuck those cunts


We do like to win late at Burnley, don’t we? :mustafi:

3 points is the only thing that matter though. 4th now!


Love it, 3 last minute winners in a row v Burnley. Tinpot club


Lee Mason is the ultimate banter merchant. Being a cunt all game, and then gives us a pen in the final seconds :slight_smile:



And only gives them an additional minute afterwards.


Pretty much :slight_smile:




Burnley pretty much gave up in the second half; 45 minutes of arsenal trying to win the game.

Love the last minute winners.


Same Old Arsenal, Always Cheating :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Love a last minute winner! Poor game in truth though and very lucky to get the win. Burnley played well and a stupid push cost them. They will still have a very good season though if Dyche stays top 10 is very achievable


Lol that was funny as fuck, in fairness Ramsey was pushed but I didn’t expect it to be given, should have been a penalty on Bellerin. 3 stoppage time wins in a row vs Burnley :rofl:.

Meanwhile it’s 3am now and I have work in a few hours and can’t get back to sleep :grimacing:


I could care less about the last minute decision, since the Bellerin incident was a clear penalty.



We have taken some lessons from Manure.


We’ve been solid as a rock in defense with Mustafi being epic. We’re destined for top 4 lads it’s what we do. Never in doubt.

Also didn’t hurt we finally got a decision. There was a bigger penalty shout on Bellerin that we didn’t get earlier so fully drserved 1 nil win they came out ready ton play but we withstood their early onslaught and dominated from there.


Home sweet home :heart: