Burnley v Arsenal (PL)


I quite like the late winners. That’s where the excitement is at. They’re the ones you remember. We can make it a hat-trick of of 90 minute winners against Burnley :sunglasses:


Oppprtunity to move into the top 4, but are we good enough to make the most of it ?


Please don’t fuck up this chance…

As much as we can be vulnerable against the counter, I’m still always confident against sides who will sit really deep…


Really well organised team Burnley and compete very hard. Need to try to dictate the pace early but just get the feeling its got o o draw written all over it somehow.
This is a difficult fixture no matter how unfashionable people may view Burnley.


Please Arsenal! Massive chance to go 4th. Don’t fuck it up.


Burnley are actually like a Pulis side but in a less dickish fashion, prefer Bournemouth out of bottom half clubs because they try to play football, would love a big win as English media are all over Burnley atm


Burnley fans are probably asking the same question! We’re level on points!!!


Good feeling about today.



If we win, we go above spurs.
What bigger incentive could there be?
Saying that, if Burnley win, they go above spurs as well.



No Ozil!


Definitely losing now lol

Also this:


Oh FFS! Typical!


Özil has an “illness” again :thinking:

Probably can’t hack playing away up north on a bitter cold November afternoon.


Think we are losing 2-0.


Sleet and snow? We are fucked.


“We suffered a bit from the cold”-Wenger


Pathetic weak fucks, man the fuck up ffs.


You know, le Baguette is already making excuses: no Ozil, arrived late at the stadium and the cold.


MDC open.